Splash Zone Water Park Accident Injury Lawyer
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    Splash Zone Water Park Accident Injury Lawyer

    Splash Zone Water Park is located on the famous Wildwood, New Jersey boardwalk. While the park’s main draw are intricate and thrill-inducing waterslides, the park also offers a variety of attractions and entertainment. These include cabana rentals, a surfing simulator, water-feature play areas, a lazy river and more.

    Amusement Park Accident Lawyers

    These attractions are enjoyed safely and without event by thousands of guests each year. However, if an injury should occur, contact an experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer like those at The Reiff Law Firm as soon as possible. Taking timely action can make the difference between receiving compensation and your claim being barred by the statute of limitations.

    What Types of Attractions are Available at Splash Zone?

    Splash Zone offers a broad-array of entertainment options. Major park attractions include:

    • The Abyss – is a slide that you can ride down without a tube or mat. This slide can be used as a way to travel from the 2nd level of the Hurricane Island play area to the cool waters below.
    • The Terminator – The park’s website promote this slide as allowing guests to “torpedo” to the finish. Guests should be sure that they are in good health prior to subjecting their body to high speeds.
    • The Speed Dominator – This slide utilizes thin foam mats so that riders can reach high speeds without suffering friction burns. Riders should follow all posted instructions when riding.
    • Beast of the East – This slide is apparently the only 5-person tube ride on the east coast. Riders twist and turn as the careen down the track.
    • The Creamator – This body flume ride has two points of emphasis:  speed and splash.
    • Free Falls – Free Falls is another slide which emphasizes high speeds.
    • Sidewinder – This serpentine slide can be ridden in either a single or double occupancy inner tube.
    • Close Encounters – This dark tube ride is further enhanced by special effects including lights, sounds and videos. This ride is designed to entertain as well as thrill.
    • Flow Rider – The FlowRider permits guests to experience riding a wave in a controlled environment.

    Amusement Park Accident Lawyers Near Me

    These rides are enjoyed safely by thousands of individuals. But in certain circumstances, an accident and injury can occur.

    What are Reasons for Injuries at Water Parks?

    While injuries are rare at parks like Splash Zone, they can happen. However most, if not all parks, devote large amounts of manpower and money to identifying injury risks and reducing or eliminating their occurrence. Some areas that parks may attempt to target include:

    • Stormy weather – Summer heat and humidity often results in powerful and severe thunderstorms.  While high winds and heavy rains are certainly a concern, lightning should be given special attention at a water park. Park staff should monitor local Doppler radar and local weather advisories.
    • Slip and fall accidents – All parks must contend with guests who leave debris and other items on walkways. In a park with a meandering lazy river, wet areas throughout the park are to be expected. Use of proper flooring materials can reduce the likelihood that a guest slips or trips and suffers an injury.
    • Operator mistake – Many water parks have implemented programs to reduce the likelihood that an operator makes mistakes due to being distracted or fatigue. Frequent rotation of employees, frequent breaks, training, and other techniques can reduce the occurrences of human error.
    • Misbehaving park guests – The vast majority of park patrons follow the rules for the benefit of all guests and employees. However a small minority of guests may disregard the rules, engage in horseplay, or undertake other actions that can cause or contribute to injuries.

    To further promote park safety, guests should be on the look-out for any dangerous or defective conditions. If anything of concern is spotted, report it to park staff immediately.

    Amusement Park Accident Lawyers

    If you or a loved one have been seriously hurt or wrongfully killed in a New Jersey or Pennsylvania water park, our experienced lawyers can work to obtain compensation. To schedule your free and confidential legal consultation, call The Reiff Law Firm today at (215) 709-6940 or contact us online.

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