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    The modern car and our network of roads, streets, and highways make many aspects of modern life that we frequently take for granted possible. Some people would likely find that absent cars, trucks, and buses, they could no longer live and work where they currently do. While vehicles are extremely useful, they are not without their drawbacks.

    Aside from the cost and expense of operating and maintaining a vehicle, the largest downside to using a car or truck is the risk of an accident and the likelihood of a severe injury. While accidents are relatively rare in light of the number of vehicles on the road, when accidents do occur, the high speeds of travel make the chances of a catastrophic life-altering injury or wrongful death more likely. The extent of your legal options might surprise you, and an attorney can help you figure out the best path forward. Car accidents in Norristown often happen on main roads like Main Street or surrounding main highways. Damages should account for various out-of-pocket expenses in addition to the painful physical and emotional experience of the accident.

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    Possible Legal Options After a Car Accident in Norristown, PA

    Dealing with the medical, financial, and legal aftermath of a car accident might feel overwhelming. Injured drivers might feel like they have no idea where to begin putting their lives back together. While auto insurance is usually an option – all drivers are legally required to be insured – it is not your only option. Our car accident attorneys can explore both options and possibly others to figure out what legal options suit your needs best.


    Pennsylvania is considered a no-fault auto insurance state. This means that drivers are covered under their own insurance policies rather than the other driver’s policy. There is no need to prove who is at fault to be covered. Your insurance may cover you even if you are at fault for the crash.

    Pennsylvania’s insurance laws allow drivers to choose between limited and full tort auto insurance. The difference between these forms of insurance comes down to the policyholder’s ability and freedom to take legal action beyond insurance claims.

    According to 75 Pa.C.S. § 1705(1), a limited tort insurance policy may cover your various medical expenses and other out-of-pocket costs up to the policy limits. If you wish to seek damages beyond the policy limits or damages not covered by the policy (e.g., pain and suffering), you must have a “serious injury” as described by law.

    A full tort policy gives drivers more legal rights after an accident. Not only are drivers with full tort policies covered by their insurance, but they are free to pursue lawsuits for greater damages without having to prove they have a serious injury. Review the terms of your insurance policy to figure out the extent of your legal rights after a crash.


    While insurance can be very helpful to injured drivers, it is not always a perfect solution. Many drivers have trouble getting coverage from their insurance companies, while others are so badly hurt that their damages exceed their policy limits. If you have a full tort policy, you are free to sue as you please. Just talk to an attorney before you get started.

    If you have a limited tort policy, which is somewhat more common as it is a less expensive insurance option, our car accident lawyers must show the court that you satisfy the serious injury rule. A serious injury is defined under 75 Pa.C.S. § 1702. Under the law, a serious injury includes an injury that results in death, serious impairments of bodily functions, or serious and permanent disfigurement. In short, if you are expected to fully recover with zero medical complications, you might not meet the serious injury requirement.

    If you do meet this requirement, our team will help you begin preparing your lawsuit. A lawsuit often gets injured plaintiffs greater damages and compensation than they would get through insurance. Even if your insurance policy covers all your medical and out-of-pocket costs, it likely does not cover any damages for pain, suffering, trauma, or psychological distress.

    Why Do Serious Car Accidents Occur in Norristown, PA?

    The reasons behind every car accident are different. Car accidents are the product of numerous facts, circumstances, and characteristics, all synthesizing into a sequence of events that results in an inevitable collision. While every car accident may be different, there are certain circumstances and factors that appear more commonly than others. Some of these more commonly reported factors include:

    • Vehicle defect – the GM ignition switch defect, the Takata airbag inflator defect, and the Toyota unintended acceleration glitch are only a few of the high-profile vehicle recalls in recent years. Many vehicles are never repaired, meaning that the risk presented by these problems can persist for many years.
    • Distracted driver – A driver who does not have their eyes on the road is a driver who cannot react appropriately to changed circumstances or roadway hazards. While distractions while driving have always been a concern, the explosion in the number of electronic devices and in-vehicle entertainment systems has magnified this issue.
    • Fatigued driver – Drivers who have not slept and are clinically fatigued perceive information and react more slowly than a well-rested driver. Fatigued drivers can experience deficits similar to those of a drunk driver.
    • Aggressive driving – Drivers who fail to obey the rules of the road and drive aggressively or unpredictably increase the odds of an accident for all drivers. Drivers who speed, change lanes without signaling, or tailgate are engaging in aggressive behaviors that endanger the health and safety of all drivers.

    The above are only a few causes and contributing factors for car accidents. Unfortunately, factors that cause an accident can come together in innumerable circumstances.

    Where in Norristown, PA Do Car Accidents Tend to Happen?

    Norristown is not a particularly large town but sees its fair share of auto accidents. Many accidents happen on Main Street, which stretches across the town. This is a main arterial road through Norristown, and it sees a lot of traffic. Accidents on Main Street are fairly common.

    U.S. Route 202 splits near Norristown into two main highways that traverse the town. Dekalb Street and Markley Street are major highways with lots of traffic and higher speed limits. Accidents on these highways are not uncommon. Additionally, many accidents happen on city streets near these highways because drivers entering or exiting these highways tend to be driving very fast.

    Accidents are a bit more frequent at the south end of Norristown near the Schuylkill River. Drivers crossing the Norristown Dam Bridge or the William F. Dannehower Memorial Bridge from Bridgeport are on main highways. They might cause accidents if they do not take precautions when exiting to city streets.

    Accidents are also common in areas where lots of people congregate. For example, the King of Prussia Mall sees tons of vehicle traffic almost every day. Accidents in this area are frequent and may be dangerous.

    What Types of Injuries Are Common After a Serious Car Crash in Norristown, PA?

    Unfortunately, car crashes, especially high-speed crashes, are likely to produce serious injuries or even death. While the actual injuries inflicted are a result of the exact forces involved in the accident, certain types of injuries are significantly more common than others. Some commonly occurring injuries after a car accident include:

    • Whiplash – Whiplash injuries are extremely common, being caused by the uneven effect of forces on the brain and connective tissues. Whiplash injuries can produce symptoms that range from mild to severe.
    • Broken bones – the high speeds and violent forces involved in a car accident can easily cause broken bones. Bone fractures can range in severity from a simple break to a complex or compound fracture.
    • Burns – A fire started due to a fuel leak or spilled chemicals can cause a chemical burn. Burn injuries are particularly painful and can require years of medical care and therapy to recover.
    • Traumatic brain injury – TBI injuries are particularly troubling because the brain is the control center of the body. Damage to the brain and its structures can cause increased aggression, difficulties with abstract concepts, trouble with orienting oneself to social situations, and impaired information processing.

    The above are only a few potential injuries that can occur in a car accident. Other significant injuries or death is also a possibility.

    Damages You May Recover After a Car Crash in Norristown, PA

    Car accidents, especially serious ones, can be dangerous, painful, and expensive. To get the financial compensation you rightly deserve, our car accident lawyers can help you keep a thorough record of your losses, injuries, and other damages.

    Many damages are rooted in the amount of money the accident cost you. Medical expenses might make up the bulk of your economic damages, as healthcare tends to be costly. If your injuries are severe and you need long-term care or treatment, your medical bills might be extremely high.

    People with severe injuries often lose work. It is normal to take some time off from work to recover, but some people must take extended leaves or cannot return at all. If this happens to you, you might lose significant income. This lost income can be factored into your claim for damages.

    We should also keep track of your lost or damaged property. For example, repairing your vehicle or replacing it if it was totaled can be extremely expensive. We should also account for the cost of replacing lost personal items that were in your car during the accident.

    Non-economic are arguably a bit harder to assess because they are usually unrelated to money or finances. For example, you can claim damages for the intense physical pain you felt from your injuries and the deep psychological distress from the accident, even though these experiences did not cost money. How much these damages are worth varies from case to case and is decided by the jury.

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