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    Sahara Sam’s Oasis is a indoor and outdoor water park located in South Jersey.From its West Berlin location, the park offers year-round aquatic entertainment. Sahara Sam’s is also under-going a multi-phase $4.5 million renovation and expansion. The park’s renovations include a new outdoor water park, the Nile Mile slide, a 10,000 square foot wave pool, a pool for lap swimming, a splash park for toddlers and many other enhancements and amenities.

    Amusement Park Accident Lawyers

    Some of the attractions currently available at the park include:

    • Tim-Buk-Tu – This water feature attraction is designed for older children and teens. They can explore a number of different attractions and games. However the main draw is the bucket perched high above. Keep an eye skyward for a torrent of water from the sky.
    • Nile Mile – This attraction is a speed slide where guests travel 350 feet. The attraction skirts along the exterior of Sahara Sam’s indoor water park before re-entering the building and dropping the rider into a cool pool.
    • Flow Rider – The FlowRider is an indoor surfing and boogie boarding simulator. The attraction allows guests of all ages and skills to experience what it is like to ride a wave.
    • Snake Eyes – These dueling tube slides allow guests to plunge through the darkness as the track ducks and weaves unexpectedly. Riders utilize an inner tube on this attraction.
    • Mount Kilimanjaro – this large raft ride allows the whole family – or up to four riders — to slide together.
    • Sam’s Slamdunker – The Slamdunker allows guests to enjoy basketball in the cool waters of Sahara Sam’s pools.
    • Congo Bongo – The Congo Bongo is Sahara Sam’s incarnation of the lazy river. Guests can float along the tranquil waters as they soak in the summer sun.

    These attraction are merely a representative sample of those offered at Sahara Sam’s. Many other attractions and forms of entertainment are available on the park grounds for all to enjoy. Thousands of people enjoy the park each and every year without injury or accident.

    Amusement Park Accident Lawyers

    What Types of Risks are Present in a Water Park?

    While aquatic parks like Sahara Sam’s are safe for thousands, if not millions of visitors, accidents can occur anywhere. A 2007 study cited by The Safety Record newsletter offered a window into the types of injuries reported at water parks. For the 325 reports, the injury breakdown consisted of:

    • Fractures to extremities:  18-percent
    • Lacerations:  18-percent
    • Concussions:  15-percent
    • Sprains:  15-percent
    • Contusions: 6-percent

    Undoubtedly the nature and design of the ride, circumstances, and other factors contribute to the type and severity of the injury. For instance, traumatic brain injury is more likely to occur on a ride where the individual slides head-first rather than feet-first.

    Actions by park guests can cause or contribute to injuries as well. Guests who fail to follow rules or instructions increase the chances of injury for all patrons. Misbehaving guests may run where it is unsafe, roughhouse, push others while climbing slide stairwells, and more. However guest behavior is far from the only reason why people can suffer an injury. Fast moving summer storms can trigger a rapid evacuation of pools and other areas at waterparks. While exceedingly rare, mechanical failure can also occur on rides and water slides.

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