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    Many inner tube rides are intended for children and groups of riders. What the water parks that run these rides neglect is the fact that inner tube rides are often incredibly dangerous. If you or a loved one was hurt at a water park while riding an inner tube ride, talk to an attorney right away.
    The water park injury lawyers at Reiff Law Firm fight for compensation for injured park goers. Talk to one of our attorneys about your water park injuries today. We offer free consultations to help new clients understand what their case might be worth.

    Inner Tube Ride Injuries

    Inner tube rides are typically advertised as a safer ride, comfortable for children and groups of riders to enjoy together. Many ride operators allow parents to ride these tubes with their children, even if they are only intended to seat one rider. These tubes float, which helps riders maintain some level of comfort. However, these tubes are not life preservers and are not intended to save lives in an emergency situation. In fact, they may cause more risks than they prevent.

    Steering an inner tube is quite difficult. While this might be part of the fun of riding one of these rides, it also creates a danger to other riders. Patrons who let their tubes go off course or travel too fast put other riders at risk. Especially at the end of the ride, other riders may be hit by fast-moving tubes. If you are hit, you could easily be pushed into the hard plastic or concrete walls of these rides. This could cause skull fractures, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries.

    Injuries from asphyxiation and drowning are also possible on many inner tube rides. While drowning can certainly be fatal, drowning victims often recover. However, any amount of time where the brain is not being fed oxygen due to inhaling water could cause serious hypoxia injuries. Inner tube rides often have deeper water than other water slides. Whether tubes are used on a water slide or floating on a water course, they require deeper water to allow them to run smoothly. If a rider falls off the tube, they may be unable to reach the surface if the other tubes crowd the surface. Additionally, if one of the other tubes bumps the struggling rider, they could bounce into a wall and fall unconscious, increasing the risk of drowning injuries.

    Inner tubes are not life preservers or emergency, life-saving devices. Many riders simply understand that these tubes float, and may rely upon the tubes to compensate for poor swimming abilities. If this happens, riders may be unable to help themselves up onto an inner tube and could drown in the attempt. However, water parks may not warn of these risks, setting patrons up for disaster.

    Compensation for Inner Tube Related Injuries

    Water parks often have large legal teams to protect their image and reputation. Since these parks must maintain the public appearance that they run a safe, fun park, their legal teams work to shut down injury claims. If you were injured, park representatives may reach out to you in an attempt to give you free park passes or otherwise try to prevent a lawsuit. Their legal teams may even work to stop your legal claims from the beginning.

    If you or a loved one was injured, hire an attorney to protect your interests. The lawyers at Reiff Law Firm have fought numerous water park injury cases on behalf of injured victims. Our attorneys understand the tactics that large amusement parks use to fight legal claims, and know how to fight back. We look out for our clients’ interests and fight for their compensation. It is difficult to understand what your injuries might be worth without first talking to an attorney about your injuries and their cause. Our attorneys can also help you understand what your case may be worth.

    With a personal injury lawsuit, you might be able to recover compensation for all of your expenses related to the injury. This includes damages for your medical expenses, including the cost of emergency medical transportation, CAT Scans, MRIs, physical therapy, and checkups. If you had to miss work, you might be entitled to compensation for lost wages, both past and future. You could also be awarded substantial damages to compensate your pain and suffering directly.

    National Water Park Injury Lawyers

    If you or your child was injured on an inner tube ride at a water park, talk to an attorney. You might be entitled to substantial compensation if your injuries were severe. Talk to an attorney to understand what your case might be worth. The amusement park injury lawyers at Reiff Law Firm offer free consultations on new cases. Call (215) 709-6940 today for your free consultation.

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