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    Philadelphia school injury attorneyWhen your kids are at school, you put faith in the teachers, staff, and administrators that they will be safe. This means that these parties need to take steps to ensure that the school’s premises are safe for students, that tools and supplies provided for them at school are safe to use, that activities and athletics are as safe as they can be, and that violence from faculty or other students is avoided. If your child came home with injuries or was sent to the hospital because of an accident or injury at school, you might be entitled to sue the school for injuries.

    The Reiff Law Firm’s Philadelphia attorneys for injuries that occur at school represent injured students and their families in lawsuits against schools and other institutions to help fight to get them compensation for their injuries. If your child was injured at school because of the school’s negligence, call our attorneys today to set up a free legal consultation and learn more about your potential legal case. Our phone number is (215) 709-6940.

    Accidents and Injuries at School in Philadelphia

    When your child is at school, the staff and faculty at the school owe your kid a responsibility to keep them safe. Many school safety issues are caused by negligent upkeep of facilities and other physical conditions at the school, while other injuries are caused by unsafe materials and equipment, athletics injuries, and intentional injuries.

    Unsafe Conditions

    The premises at the school, both inside and outside the buildings, should be safe for students. Dangerous ice on the playground, spills and slick surfaces inside the building, and dangerous dirt or debris could cause slip and fall or trip and fall injuries if these conditions are not cleaned up, repaired, or highlighted with warning signs. Injuries could also occur from unsafe structural conditions, such as loose handrails, run-down bleachers, or problems with building safety.

    Unsafe Materials and Equipment

    If the school provides your child with tools or equipment as part of their education, the school must often ensure that these items are safe to use. Athletic equipment in gym class or in school sports must be safe to use, and any defects or problems with these materials could seriously injure students. Materials in art class, home economics, woodshop, and other hands-on learning or technical classes could also be dangerous, such as knives, saws, or power tools. If students are not given proper safety lessons or are given defective or dangerous devices, they could suffer serious injuries.

    School Sport and Gym Class Injuries

    Physical activities in school sports, gym classes, “field day” activities, or even recess must be monitored for safety. If students get out of hand and begin hurting each other or themselves because of negligent supervision, the injured students could be entitled to sue the school. Additionally, if activities are too dangerous and the school knows that people could be seriously injured by certain games or activities, those activities should likely be barred from the school. Moreover, equipment like helmets and pads provided by the school should be safe for use.

    Intentional Injuries

    Students are often injured at school because of bullying. If the school administration does not take steps to prevent and stop bullying, students could be seriously injured or even killed. This is also true of other dangerous activities like hazing. Teachers and administrators should also be monitored and investigated for safety concerns if a student claims to have been physically or sexually abused by a staff or faculty member. Additionally, children today live with a constant level of fear surrounding mass violence and school shooters. Proper safety plans, security, and active shooter protocols must be in place to avoid injuries from gun violence at school.

    Suing Public and Private Schools for Injuries to Children in Philadelphia

    If your child was injured at school, you should be entitled to sue the school regardless of whether the school was a public school or private school. In Philadelphia, there are plenty of public schools and charter schools, which usually also qualify as public schools. Additionally, there are private schools, Catholic schools, and other religious and parochial schools. Regardless of which type of school your child attended, your family should be entitled to file a lawsuit for serious negligence committed at the institution. In some cases, damages might be capped because of laws that limit liability against public entities, and contract issues with private schools might force parents to seek arbitration instead of suing. Our attorneys can help guide you through the process of filing a claim against your child’s school to get the compensation your child and your family deserve.

    Damages for Injuries at School in Philadelphia

    In many cases, the injuries your child suffers at school will lead to physical pain and mental suffering. In some cases, your child might also require medical treatment. These damages can be claimed in most lawsuits for physical injury, and they could be substantial in many cases.

    In some cases, injuries will involve permanent disabilities or death. If your child was killed in an accident or because of bullying or violence at school, you could be entitled to additional damages against the responsible parties. If your child’s permanent injuries or disabilities will cause them ongoing problems that require additional medical care and lead to reduced earning capacity in the future, you can also claim compensation for these future expenses and future lost wages.

    Call Our Philadelphia Lawyer for Injuries at School for a Free Case Consultation

    If your child was injured on school property or was the victim of assault or abuse at school, contact a lawyer immediately. The Reiff Law Firm’s Philadelphia attorney for injuries that occur at school might be able to help you file a lawsuit against the private or public school that allowed your child to be injured. This can help you seek compensation for medical expenses, future lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses you and your family faced because of the injury. For your free legal consultation, contact the Reiff Law Firm today at (215) 709-6940.

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