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    In many ways, the return of Action Park at Mountain Creek is a portal back to the summer days of the 1980s and early 1990s. In those days, Action Park attracted patrons from New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York by promising thrill rides and attractions that were not available anywhere else. It is undisputed that Action Park left a strong impression on the regional culture and memory – one so strong that the park was revived for the 2014 season.  The management behind Action Park’s return promises all the fun that people have come to expect with an emphasis on safety.

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    What Was All the Fuss About at the Old Action Park?

    The version of Action Park that was active through the 80s and the early 1990s was known for its one-of-a-kind thrill rides. A simple google search reveals a treasure-trove of memories from the park. Some commentators remarked on the alpine slide where some recounted exiting the ride with severe abrasions. Others remembered jumping into large pools of icy waters on the Tarzan Swing.  The 50 to 60-degree water shocked riders and was believed to have caused or contributed to a heart attack in 1984.

    However perhaps the most infamous stories revolve around the loop-de-loop waterslide that was present in Action Park. Although the slide was closed for much of its existence, a few brave souls have recounted their experiences. Some remember that it was possible to become stuck in the slide. Others recall striking their head or limbs on the slide due to the disorientation caused by the darkness and inversion.

    In any case, the new Action Park is committed to “bring[ing] back all the thrills, but none of the spills”. However, even parks that are safe for millions of people can have isolated accidents and injuries.

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    What Types of Risks Exist at Amusement Parks?

    Injury can happen at any theme or amusement park that offers high-speed rides and other thrills. Parks attempt to minimize the dangers that you will face, but injury can still occur in isolated situations. Some risks that are common to all theme parks include:

    • Slip and Falls – While a simple mechanism of injury, a slip or a trip can lead to catastrophic injury. If the fall takes place on a stairway or when boarding or exiting a ride, the risk of serious injury increases.
    • Mechanical failures – Rides must be routinely maintained. If rides are operated under stressful conditions or outside of their specifications the risk of failure becomes higher.  Mechanical failure can even lead to death.
    • Negligence – Inattention to conditions by a ride operator can have tragic consequences.
    • Summer storms – The heat of summer can often bring in afternoon thunderstorms. In parks with towering rollercoasters ad large pools of water, electrical storms can present an increased risk.
    • Parking lot injuries – Believe it or not, many amusement park injuries can occur prior to even passing through the park gates. In the parking lot, the arriving guests may be distracted while departing guests may be in a hurry to get home. In either instance, serious bodily injury can occur to pedestrians or other motorists.

    If you have suffered an injury due to one of the above reasons, or due to different circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation. However, working with an experienced personal injury lawyer can increase the likelihood of a favorable settlement or jury verdict. For your free personal injury consultation contact The Reiff Law Firm today by calling (215) 709-6940 or schedule an appointment online.

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