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    Bristol, PA Personal Injury Lawyer

    People who live the Bristol Borough like to highlight the joys of being a member of the Bristol community, attending events near the river on First Fridays or enjoying great restaurants, and seeing recent improvement initiatives to better the town. However, there are instances when enjoyment can quickly change. When you or someone you love suffers an injury, it will be hard to enjoy those places you love. Most injuries occur when people least expect it and they are often the result of someone’s oversight or carelessness. If this injury is caused because someone is careless and acts negligently, then this person should be held accountable for payment of your medical bills and other losses resulting from the injuries. If you lose a loved one, this is called a “wrongful death” situation. Our skilled Bristol personal injury attorneys can help you navigate through the intricacies of the civil legal process needed to receive financial compensation for your losses and the loss of a loved one.

    You may be able to recover for all your losses, including the non-monetary losses, with the help of an experienced attorney. The award-winning and respectable personal injury practice of The Reiff Law Firm has a team of dedicated lawyers recognized for their excellent service in Pennsylvania. With over 35 years of experience, The Reiff Law Firm’s attorneys are known for high quality and results-oriented representation. Call (215) 709-6940 to schedule a free consultation.

    Personal Injury Representation in Bristol, PA

    Personal injury claims are typically brought under the theory of negligence. Negligence claims are based on the actions of the person or entity responsible for causing the injury. These actions are examined throughout the lawsuit to establish how these acts resulted or contributed to creating the harm.

    In legal terms, the injury must be a foreseeable result of the actions in question. Foreseeability means that the damages could be expected as a result of the harmful or careless actions at issue. A seasoned personal injury attorney should be prepared to help you understand the intricacies of the case as well as the information needed to prove it. In many of these cases, the skilled personal injury lawyer is already familiar with the ways in which the injuries could have been prevented or if risks could have been mitigated with widely available precautions.

    Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims in Pennsylvania

    There is a two-year limit for personal injury claims to be filed in Pennsylvania. Only a statutory extension or in the case of exceptionally unfair results can exempt you from this deadline. The legal term for this deadline exemption is known as “tolling.” A seasoned attorney will help you determine if there is still time to file the lawsuit after the two years passed. Since exceptions will not always be allowed, time is of the essence if you think the person responsible for the negligent acts should be taking responsibility for the medical costs and other losses you’re experiencing. Failure to meet the time limit is usually not excused. Even if you have a strong legal claim, it will not move forward in a court of law if the deadline is missed.

    If you’re concerned that pursuing legal action is a fruitless exercise because you were partly responsible, then speaking to an experienced attorney can ease your concerns. Pennsylvania courts are required to apply what is known as the “51 percent rule.” This rule means that if your level of responsibility is less than 51%, then the other individuals or entities responsible at that higher level or percentage can be sued. Personal injury attorneys are typically familiar with the methods used to calculate the extents of responsibility. This is often done with the collaboration of neutral experts who work with their clients and another professional in determining this crucial aspect of a negligence case in Pennsylvania.

    How a Skilled Bristol Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

    When you’re considering filing a lawsuit for personal injury attorney you should be aware that there is no single formula for a successful outcome. However, a skilled attorney should ask key questions. Most personal injury attorneys are always delving into questions regarding what is known as “the burden of proof.” This term is a practical legal term used to summarize how the case will be proven at the conclusion of the case. The other side or defendant will challenge your claims with a specific focus on undermining the information plaintiffs brings.

    A skilled personal injury attorney is usually very familiar with this concept and will know what common questions to ask that will assist him in his representation of your case. Since The Reiff Law Firm ordinarily accept matters on a contingency basis, our payment will only be received if we are successful at the conclusion of the lawsuit.

    Damages or Monetary Awards

    An area of critical importance for adequate legal representation is a careful review of the present and future losses warranted in your cause of action. Your damage awards are the part of the case where an attorney will fight for you—for your present and future needs – and for your financial recovery. This part typically requires your collaboration in showing a clear picture of the monetary and emotional burdens faced as a result of the injury and what the future holds. A robust legal representation includes close attention to your life, including working in conjunction with your medical professionals to determine the real costs of your injuries down the road.

    Call Your Bristol, PA Personal Injury Attorney

    The accomplished and award-winning Bristol, PA personal injury attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm have successfully served your community for over 35 years. The Reiff Law Firm are known for their dedication to fighting for your rights and seeking financial compensation aggressively and relentlessly. Their results-oriented approach has helped families at times of enormous personal stress caused by the pressure of the mounting medical bills of an injury. Call (215) 709-6940 to schedule an appointment.

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