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    Car accidents claim the lives of thousands of Pennsylvanians each year. With many highways passing through Media and the surrounding areas, high-speed auto accidents are quite common, as are smaller fender-benders and other low-speed collisions. No matter the severity of your accident, you may face substantial injuries from the crash.

    After a car accident, do not rely on auto insurance to solve your problems or pay for your injuries. Instead, contact a Media car accident lawyer to fight for full compensation on your case. The car accident attorneys at The Reiff Law Firm represent victims in Media and the surrounding areas in Delaware County, and we work to get you the financial compensation you need for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To schedule your free legal consultation, call us today at (215) 709-6940.

    Who is At Fault in a Car Accident

    Determining who is at fault for a car crash requires looking at the specifics of each case. In many cases, the law can point to one driver who was at fault, but things become complex when there is more than one driver involved in the accident or when the victim was doing something wrong when the accident occurred. Fortunately, our attorneys can help you understand who was at fault for your accident and fight to get you compensation, even if you shared some of the fault.

    Pennsylvania law allows judges and juries to assign partial blame to each party in a car accident. In cases where you were injured by the combined fault of more than one other driver, you can sue each driver who contributed to your injuries. For instance, if you were hit by a driver making a left turn, then the driver behind you crashes into you while tailgating, you may be able to get partial compensation from each of them.

    Even if you were partly at fault for your own injuries, you can still receive compensation. Drivers are often afraid that they cannot sue for a car accident because they were speeding when the accident occurred or because they looked down at their phone when the accident occurred. Courts may assign you partial blame if this happened, but the overwhelming negligence of a drunk or reckless driver might negate any fault you shared. Even if you were partly negligent, you can still receive compensation as long as you were 50% at-fault or less.

    Determining fault usually means looking at the totality of the circumstances of the accident and what traffic laws require of the drivers. Clearly negligent acts like running a red light, driving under the influence, or excessive speeding may clearly indicate who was at fault. In more close circumstances, it may be up to a jury to determine who should have yielded and who was responsible for the crash.

    Common Types of Car Accidents in Media

    As mentioned, the circumstances of the crash usually dictate who was at fault for the crash. The following are all common car accident circumstances that have a somewhat clear rule for who is at fault. Of course, the specifics of your case might change the outcome, but these are good guidelines to help you understand which driver was at fault in some common situations.

    Drunk Driving Accidents

    Typically, anyone who gets behind the wheel with too much alcohol in their system is at fault for any injuries they cause. The same is true for drugged driving, as both of these violate criminal laws in PA. Even though drunk drivers may be the victim under other circumstances, the fact that they were driving while intoxicated usually places the blame on them.

    Texting and Distracted Driving Accidents

    Accidents that occur because a driver was distracted or using their cell phone typically place the blame on the distracted driver. Circumstances may override their fault, especially if the other driver did something more egregious or dangerous, but texting usually assures that the driver was at least partly at fault for the accident.

    Left Turn Accidents

    Drivers making a left turn must yield to other drivers going straight or making a right turn at an intersection. Drivers who crash into oncoming traffic when making a left turn are often at fault for the crash. If the oncoming driver was speeding or intentionally sped up to “beat” the turning driver, they may share the blame, but the driver turning left still violated a duty to yield.

    Rear-End Accidents

    Following too closely is illegal in Pennsylvania, and this traffic law usually holds the driver to the rear responsible for rear-end accidents. The only circumstances that typically break this rule of thumb are when the driver in front was backing up or when they “brake-check” the driver behind them. Failing to look out for other cars when backing up can put you at fault for an accident, as can suddenly braking to intentionally scare the driver behind you – even if they are tailgating.

    Common Locations for Car Crashes in Media, PA

    It is difficult to predict when you may encounter a negligent motorist on the road. Still, there are certain places where car crashes are more likely to occur. Being aware of these potentially dangerous locations may help you avoid harmful collisions in the future.

    Baltimore Pike (Rt. 1)

    Baltimore Pike, also known as Route 1, is a local road where car accidents are unfortunately common. The high volume of traffic on this route contributes to the increased likelihood of collisions.

    Interstate 476

    Interstate 476, which passes right by Media, is not immune to car accidents either. As a major highway, it experiences a considerable flow of traffic, leading to a notable number of accidents. Anyone using this route should be cautious and adhere to traffic rules and safety guidelines.

    Residential Areas

    Car accidents are prevalent in residential areas where the close proximity of parked cars, pedestrians, and narrower streets create challenges. Failure to adhere to speed limits or exercise caution in these localities can result in collisions, making it crucial for drivers to navigate such areas carefully.

    Parking Lots

    Parking lots are also highly susceptible to car accidents. Fender benders, backing-out collisions, and other minor accidents are common in these confined spaces, underscoring the importance of cautious driving.

    Rural Roads

    In Pennsylvania’s rural areas, unique challenges on roads include deer crossings, limited visibility, and fewer traffic control measures. Drivers must exercise caution in these regions to mitigate the risks associated with the distinctive characteristics of rural roadways. Understanding the dynamics of rural driving helps in adopting safe practices and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

    School Zones

    Lastly, school zones are locations where many car crashes can happen. The presence of children, crossing guards, and reduced speed limits necessitates heightened attention from drivers. Accidents in school zones often result from speeding or distracted driving, emphasizing the critical need for adherence to traffic regulations to ensure the safety of students and pedestrians.

    What to Do Immediately After Your Car Crash in Media, PA

    Suffering a car crash can be a very traumatic experience. Still, it is important to keep your composure if possible. There are specific actions you can take that may increase your odds of recovering monetary damages from another party.

    Remain at the Scene and Call 911

    If involved in a car accident in Pennsylvania, it is imperative to remain at the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident, especially if there are injuries or property damage, can result in legal consequences. Immediately calling 911 is crucial to report the accident and seek medical assistance for any injured parties. Promptly contacting emergency services ensures a swift response and proper documentation of the incident.

    Exchange Information with Other Parties

    After a car accident, exchanging information with the other involved parties is essential. This includes providing and obtaining names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance details, and vehicle registration information. Collecting this information helps in facilitating insurance claims and legal proceedings, ensuring a comprehensive record of the incident.

    Document the Scene

    Documenting the accident scene is a vital step in the aftermath. Take photos of the vehicles involved, the surrounding environment, road conditions, and any visible injuries. Additionally, gather contact information from potential witnesses. Thorough documentation contributes to a clearer understanding of the events and can be valuable in supporting insurance claims or legal actions.

    Seek Medical Attention

    Regardless of the severity of injuries, seeking medical attention after a car accident is crucial. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent, and obtaining a medical evaluation ensures that any hidden injuries are identified and treated promptly. This documentation of medical care also serves as evidence in legal proceedings, reinforcing the connection between the accident and injuries.

    Call Our Attorneys

    Lastly, you should seek help from our experienced car accident attorneys as quickly as possible after your crash. Our legal team can provide guidance on navigating insurance claims, assessing liability, and pursuing compensation for your damages.

    Damages Available to Plaintiffs in Media Car Accident Lawsuits

    There are several types of economic and non-economic losses that may be compensated through a car accident lawsuit. After a free review of your potential case, our legal team can determine whether any of the following may be sought:

    Medical Expenses

    Plaintiffs in car accident lawsuits may be eligible to seek compensation for medical expenses incurred as a result of their accidents. This includes costs associated with hospital stays, surgeries, prescription medications, rehabilitation, and any other medical treatments necessary for the injuries sustained in the collision. Documenting and providing evidence of these expenses is crucial for a comprehensive claim.

    Lost Wages

    If the injuries sustained in a car accident lead to the inability to work, the plaintiffs may also seek compensation for their lost wages. This encompasses both current and future income that the individual would have earned had it not been for the accident-related injuries. Providing documentation, such as employment records and medical assessments, helps establish the extent of lost wages and strengthens the claim.

    Property Damage

    Compensation for property damage is another aspect of damages available to plaintiffs. This covers the costs of repairing or replacing the damaged vehicle and any other personal property affected in the accident. Providing estimates, invoices, or receipts related to the repair or replacement of the damaged property is essential for a successful claim.

    Out-of-Pocket Expenses

    Plaintiffs can also seek reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses incurred because of the car accident. This includes expenses such as transportation costs for medical appointments, costs of hiring domestic help during recovery, or any other related miscellaneous expenses. Keeping detailed records of these expenses is crucial for a thorough claim.

    Pain and Suffering

    In addition to economic damages, plaintiffs may be entitled to non-economic damages for pain and suffering. This encompasses the physical and emotional distress experienced due to the injuries sustained in the accident. Calculating these damages is often more subjective, considering factors such as the severity of injuries, the impact on the plaintiff’s daily life, and the duration of recovery.

    For a Free Consultation, Call Our Media, Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorneys

    If you or a loved one was injured in a car crash in Media or the surrounding areas, contact our law offices today. The Reiff Law Firm’s Media, PA car accident lawyers represent injured parties and fight to get them the compensation they need after car accident injuries. To schedule a free consultation to explore your options for financial compensation, contact our law offices today at (215) 709-6940.

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