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    When injured on another person’s property, victims in Philadelphia can likely bring premises liability lawsuits to recover compensatory damages.

    Premises liability refers to the legal responsibility property owners have to keep their properties safe for guests and the financial liability they have for any injuries a victim sustains as a result of their negligence. For example, a premises liability claim may be brought against a negligent homeowner, landlord, or business owner in Philadelphia. The statute of limitations to file such a lawsuit is two years from the date of injury. Before you bring your claim, our attorneys will investigate your case to find evidence of a negligent property owner’s fault. Such evidence might include surveillance camera footage and eyewitness statements. When successful in their premises liability claims, victims can likely recover compensation for economic and non-economic damages in Philadelphia.

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    Understanding Premises Liability Law in Philadelphia

    Property owners owe a duty of care to those who enter their property to keep their properties reasonably safe. Ignoring obvious hazards or otherwise negligently maintaining a property can make a property owner responsible for a victim’s injuries in Philadelphia.

    Homeowners, business owners, landlords, and other property owners owe a duty of care to others. While landlords have a responsibility to maintain common areas and do things like fix leaks in stairwells and salt entryways in the winter, they do not necessarily have a responsibility to fix hazards in a tenant’s individual unit. Owners of retail shops must alert patrons to hazards or spills using the proper signage. Even homeowners are responsible for ensuring their homes are free from avoidable hazards, like loose handrails or broken floorboards, when welcoming people into their homes.

    A subset of premises liability, negligent security refers to the responsibility of homeowners and business owners to provide reasonable security to guests. For example, nightclubs in Philadelphia should have security guards who check patrons as they enter to prevent or deter unnecessary assaults or other dangerous activity.

    When property owners breach their duties of care, injuries might occur. Should this happen, victims should contact our premises liability lawyers to learn if they have a case. Even if the person responsible for your injuries is someone you know personally, like your neighbor, you can likely file a compensation claim. Navigating these cases can be challenging as evidence might be sparse, depending on the location and circumstances of an accident.

    Statute of Limitations on Premises Liability Lawsuits in Philadelphia

    Victims injured because of negligent property maintenance can file premises liability lawsuits in Philadelphia. The sooner you file your compensation claim, the better.

    The statute of limitations for premises liability claims in Philadelphia is two years from the date of injury. Because your injuries happened on the defendant’s property, they might have ownership of some of the evidence in the case, such as security camera footage. Our attorneys can subpoena surveillance footage from homeowners or business owners immediately after an accident occurs so that it is not deleted or destroyed.

    If you know the negligent party personally, for example, if you were injured at their home, you might weigh the pros and cons of filing a lawsuit. While that is understandable, it is important to bring your case as quickly as possible, as delaying it could negatively impact your ability to recover sufficient compensation for your injuries, even if you file within the statute of limitations. Contacting our attorneys immediately will allow time for us to investigate your claim and uncover evidence of a negligent party’s fault for your injuries. You will be barred from recovery in Philadelphia if you miss the filing deadline.

    While there is tolling for delayed discovery in Philadelphia, such tolling of the statute of limitations might not have much of an impact on the filing deadline for your case.

    Damages Recoverable in Premises Liability Claims in Philadelphia

    Victims can recover various damages in premises liability claims in Philadelphia. Such damages include compensation for economic and non-economic damages. Compensation of any kind is never promised, and victims must provide proof of their losses to recover damages.

    Economic Damages

    This is no limit on the recovery of financial damages for injury victims in Philadelphia. Economic damages incurred because of premises liability accidents include medical bills and lost wages. Keep ample records of those losses to ensure you recover full compensation for all of your financial damages. Copies of all medical expenses should be sent to our attorneys. That way, we can properly calculate the economic damages you deserve. Our attorneys will refer to your previous pay stubs and income information to calculate your compensation for lost wages. If you incurred additional out-of-pocket expenses due to an accident on another person’s property, keep records of those losses as well.

    Non-Economic Damages

    Victims are not limited regarding their recovery of non-economic damages in premises liability claims in Philadelphia. Injuries that limit a victim’s ability to go about their daily life can cause serious mental and emotional difficulties. Victims might experience anxiety or depression following an accident. They might require care from therapists as well. Such damages are compensable via non-economic damages. Recovering non-economic damages is more challenging as such damages do not have a monetary value. Compensation for pain and suffering is awarded at the discretion of a judge or jury.

    Our attorneys will illustrate your pain and suffering through statements from therapists, close friends, and family. Showing your medical records that illustrate the severity of your injuries might also allow a judge or jury to more thoroughly understand the pain and suffering you have experienced following an accident on another person’s property in Philadelphia.

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