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    The FunPlex is an outdoor and indoor amusement facility located just miles outside of Philadelphia. The 100,000 square foot indoor Mount Laurel, New Jersey facility is joined by 25 acres of outdoor attractions. Both park aspects offer a broad-array of attractions and events for the entire family.

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    Some of the featured rides and attractions include:

    • FunCoaster – A carnival-style roller coaster is available at FunPlex. The coaster can accommodate all riders taller than 47 inches though those individuals who are less than 52 inches must ride with an adult.
    • Fun Twister – The Fun Twister is a carnival-style thrill ride that spins and twists guests through the air. While extremely safe, those with a weak stomach may
    • Bumper Boats – The bumper boats offer a new twist on an old favorite. However guests that are sensitive to impacts should refrain from riding.
    • Free Fall – This ride simulates the feeling of weightlessness by dropping riders into a free fall. The ride is marketed as being appropriate for all ages, but those with a heart condition or other impairments may wish to consult a doctor prior to riding.
    • Splashin’ Speedway – The Speedway is a water feature playground designed for children of all ages. However, children less than 6 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to safely enjoy the fun.
    • Tilt-a-Whirl – The carnival classic, The Tilt-a-Whirl, is also available at FunPlex. Riders should be sure to check all posted warnings before riding.
    • Miniature Golf – The park boasts not one, but two, miniature golf parks. Mini golfing is available after dark during the fall and winter.
    • Go-karts – The facility offers both electric and gasoline Go-Karts. Because the vehicles are fully under control of the guests, collisions and other unexpected events can occur.
    • Lazer Tag – Guests can play lazer tag in a darkened arena. Guests should take special care to avoid trip and fall accidents due to the darkness.
    • Foam Pit – This three-level foam playground allows children to engage in a broad-array of activities. Special care should be taken as cannons can launch foam balls at guests potentially surprising them.

    FunPlex provides numerous activities, rides, and attractions for guests of all ages. Regardless of your interests, there is likely to be some activity at an amusement facility that will capture your attention. However, if an injury occurs while you are at an amusement facility, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer like those at The Reiff Law Firm.

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    Dangers Common to All Amusement Facilities

    While amusement facilities like FunPlex are generally safe for thousands of guests each year, injuries are possible anywhere. Parks can go to great lengths to minimize the risk that a patron will become injured at their facilities. Some of the risks they may take measures to protect against include:

    • Summer storms – Theme parks and amusement parks keep a close eye on weather reports and the local radar. Giving park guests advance warning of an impending severe storm can allow them to take cover and prevent injuries.
    • Mechanical failure – Many parks are particularly meticulous about ride maintenance and preventing ride failure. While ride failure is extremely uncommon, when it occurs the injuries are often catastrophic of fatal.
    • Operator inattention – Some parks have implemented measures to reduce the likelihood of distracted or inattentive ride operators. Frequent breaks, rotation of employees and other measures can be employed to reduce this risk
    • Slip and falls – All parks must handle litter and other debris that can be deposited in pathways and walkways. Water attractions also add the risk of slip and fall injuries. Appropriate surfaces should be employed to reduce the chance of injury.

    While other risks exist at amusement parks, the previously mentioned items comprise some of the more common ones. While parks are safe, guests should always utilize their common sense and take reasonable precautions to avoid accident or injury.

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