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    Boardwalk Adventures is an outdoor water park located on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey. The park provides a number of water slides for the thrill seeker’s enjoyment. A kiddie play area is provided for young children. If rides do not appeal to your or your family, alternate attractions are available. Boardwalk Adventures also makes a miniature golf course and beach cabanas available.

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    Some of the main water slides and major attractions featured by the park include:

    • Serpentine Body Slide – This eight-story slide winds and twists through the air. Guests often remark on both the slide’s speed and twists. Those with heart, back or other medical conditions should observe and follow posted warnings prior to riding.
    • Tube Journey – Guests can slide on a tube solo or with a friend.  Guests will hover in the air in a suspended pool before plunging into the activity pool below.
    • Lil Buc’s Bay – This play area is designed for young children who may not be able to ride the more imposing park attractions.
    • Splashdown – Splashdown is a body slide for strong swimmers. Riders plunge into a chlorinated pool at the ride’s conclusion.
    • Lazy River – The lazy river allows riders to relax on single or double occupancy tubes. The river meanders through the park allowing guests to orient themselves with the park.

    Boardwalk Adventures, formerly Gillian’s, offers a broad-array of slides, rides and events for children and adults of all ages. While the parks are safe for thousands of visitors each year, accidents can occur in some circumstances. If the unthinkable has happened and a tranquil summer day was transformed into a nightmare, contact the personal injury attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm. We have protected accident victims for more than 34 years.

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    Dangers That are Present at all Water Parks

    As previously stated, most water parks are safe and are enjoyed without incident or issue by thousands each and every year. However, under rare circumstances, injury can occur even in parks that are safe. Most parks have departments dedicated to risk management and reducing the likelihood of accident and injury. Considerations that park safety officials attempt to address may include:

    • Ride failure –While ride failure is extremely rare, it can occur with or without warning. Most parks ensure that routine maintenance is performed and that rides are not operated outside of the approved conditions or specifications.
    • Unexpected weather events – Violent summer storms can present a danger in any location. At facilities, like water parks, with pools and other large bodies of water, these types of storms can be particularly dangerous. Parks can closely monitor the Doppler radar and local weather reports to reduce the likelihood of severe injury due to high winds, lightning, or heavy rains.
    • Guest misbehavior – Actions by guests can contribute to or be the cause of accidents and injuries. Guests may engage in horseplay, become distracted, or disregard posted warnings.
    • Drowning – At any park where water is the main attraction, steps to prevent drowning are taken. Training and adequate staffing of lifeguards are but one precaution that parks can take to reduce the likelihood of a wrongful death.

    The vast majority of people who visit waterparks will never have to confront the consequences of these potential risks.  However if the unthinkable occurs and you do have to deal with a serious injury, the experienced personal injury attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm can stand-up to the insurance company or opposing counsel. For your free and confidential personal injury consultation, call the attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 or contact us online.

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