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    Coco Keys is located in nearby Mount Laurel New Jersey. The park promotes itself as being the largest indoor waterpark in the state of New Jersey. Aside from its waterpark the facility also offers many other attractions and amenities. One such amenity connected with the park is the Hotel ML which offers luxurious accommodations for park guests.

    Amusement Park Accident Lawyers

    Each year thousands of park patrons and hotel guests enjoy the attractions and facilities safely and without incident. However accidents can occur anywhere – even water parks, amusement parks, and theme parks.

    What Types of Risks can be Present at all Waterparks?

    While water parks like Coco Keys are generally safe for individuals and families, no action in life is without some level of risk. Fortunately, parks are typically extremely meticulous about their maintenance and safety records. Park concerns when acting to prevent accidents and injuries may include measures to address:

    • operation of ride outside of specifications
    • design defects
    • inadequate park or parking area security
    • failure to post required notices & warnings
    • concealed damage or defect
    • unloading injuries
    • failure of emergency stop
    • poor lighting
    • exposed electrical wires
    • malfunctioning lap bars
    • failure to perform routine maintenance
    • improper repairs
    • loose  or damaged cables
    • insufficient safety harness
    • operator behavior
    • corrosion due to pool chemicals like chlorine
    • lock failure
    • improper height or weight restrictions
    • abrupt starts and stops
    • loading injuries
    • intentional rocking by riders
    • unsecured areas of danger
    • electrical shorts/failures
    • improper welding
    • corrosion due to water
    • chemical levels in pool water

    While the foregoing does list a number of safety concerns considered by most parks, it is not a comprehensive list. Other risks and considerations exist that parks must address.

    Amusement Park Accident Lawyers

    What Types of Attractions are Present at Coco Keys?

    As a major South Jersey water park, Coco Keys is replete with a broad-array of family-friendly fun. While the main draw of the [ark are its many water slides, many other park attractions exist. These include:

    • Coconut Grove Lazy River – Park patrons can relax and rewind on a typical lazy river attraction. While lazy river rides are generally very safe, common sense precautions should be taken since the ride involves water.
    • Shark Slam – A 400-foot serpentine slide is designed to thrill riders with its high speeds and twists.
    • Barracuda Blast —  This tube slide’s dark atmosphere can surprise guests as they hurtle through the twists and turns.
    • Slides of Parrot Perch – This section of the water feature area presents a number of slides for “in-between” children. These slides can be a good alternative to the full-size slides.
    • Lilly Pad Adventure – Guests can attempt to navigate the lily pads floating in the park pool. Those who attempt this challenge should be strong swimmers and should ideally wear a life vest.
    • Palm Grotto Spa – If the bumps, jumps, thrills and drops are too much for you, the park also offers spa services. The spa can be a great choice for individuals sensitive to the impacts and forces present on the thrill rides.

    There are many other slide rides and attractions available at Coco Keys. The foregoing list, however, should have allowed you to familiarize yourself with the types of rides available.

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