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    Thanks to dozens of family films, Florida’s Walt Disney World has become one of the most beloved and recognizable theme parks in the world, attracting visitors from states around the country and countries around the globe.  But while Disney World delights millions of children and adults every year, some visitors have been seriously injured and even killed in accidents involving various rides and attractions around the park.  Over the years, visitors and employees alike have been hurt and victimized by negligence.

    No one enters a cherished and family-friendly park like Disney World thinking they will be badly hurt, so on those occasions where it does happen, it can be a completely overwhelming experience. You suddenly find yourself trying to cope with a painful, costly, and physically restricting injury you never expected to sustain, while simultaneously dealing with emotional upset and planning around the time you will have to miss from work while you try to heal.

    The Reiff Law Firm: Disney World Accident Injury Attorneys

    While amusement park patrons understand that rides can be dangerous if not regularly inspected and maintained, they also expect that the park which owns, maintains, and operates those rides will take every reasonable precaution to help ensure visitor safety.  Unfortunately, this is not always the reality of the situation.  Negligent maintenance, improper ride operation, and defective equipment have all contributed to accidents over the years.  If negligence or other mistakes played a role in your accident, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

    At The Reiff Law Firm, we are committed to providing aggressive representation for our clients, and will conduct a detailed and thorough investigation into your accident and its underlying causes.  You deserve justice for the wrongs against you and your family.  Our firm is here to help.

    Accidents at Disney World Parks

    Disney World first opened its gates to the public in 1971, and today, annual attendance is estimated around 53 million guests.  Sadly, some of these guests will fall victim to completely preventable accidents caused by substandard ride assembly, maintenance, or operation. From 2005 to 2006 alone, four fatalities and 19 injuries occurred.

    Deaths and injuries have taken place at various parks which are part of Disney World, including:

    • Disney’s Animal Kingdom
    • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    • Epcot
    • Magic Kingdom
    • Typhoon Lagoon

    Some attractions and park transportation features have been involved in multiple incidents, such as:

    • The Monorail
    • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Primeval Whirl
    • Space Mountain

    Causes of Deaths and Injuries at Disney World

    The causes of Disney World’s documented deaths and injuries have varied widely, and some have been attributable to negligence or errors on behalf of the park.  To date, some of the causes of accidents and injuries at Disney World have included:

    • Broken restraining cables.
    • Direct strikes from moving rides.
    • Failure to operate the monorail train correctly.
    • Falls from heights.
    • Malfunctioning emergency exits.
    • Puddles of water causing slip and falls.
    • Strikes by falling objects.

    While amusement park injuries are frequently associated with the attractions, guests can be hurt without ever buckling into a ride if they are involved in a slip and fall accident.  Slip and falls can be caused by numerous factors, such as unsecured cables, loose debris, and wet spots on the ground.  If a theme park fails to take reasonable measures to keep the premises safe, including correcting known issues, the park may be liable for damages which occur as a result.

    Whether the cause of an injury is related to a slip and fall accident or an issue with one of the rides, the consequences in either case can be much the same: debilitating pain, severely restricted functionality, and financial strain.  Over the years, accidents have caused victims serious injuries and medical issues including but not limited to:

    • Cardiac Arrest
    • Crush Injuries
    • Memory Loss
    • Open Compound Fractures
    • Paralysis
    • Severe Burns
    • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

    In many cases, these injuries have lasting negative repercussions.  For instance, the memory loss suffered by one man who was struck by an object at Space Mountain in 1998 caused him to lose his job and source of income.  In severe accidents, victims have lost their lives.

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