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    Abington car accident attorneyCars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and pickup trucks are only a few of the personal vehicles that people rely on to carry out their day to day tasks. These vehicles when used with Pennsylvania’s robust network or highways, roads, freeways, and interstates permits rapid travel throughout the state and beyond. The convenience provided by personal motor vehicles allows Pennsylvanians to live further away from their workplace. Additionally, the convenience of travel makes it possible to engage in a much broader array of social, professional, and other activities. However, cars and trucks are not an unmitigated good without any drawbacks.

    To start with, maintaining a personal vehicle is expensive and can require a significant amount of time and effort. However, the main concern regarding personal vehicles is the risk of a high-speed crash or collision. High-speed crashes are more likely to cause serious life-altering injuries due to the violent forces involved. If your accident was the result of another person’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness the experienced car accident lawyers of The Reiff Law Firm may be able to fight for compensation for you.

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    Common Causes of Vehicle Collisions in Pennsylvania

    Despite their commonality, car accidents are actually complex events where a series of decisions, conditions, and factors come together in such a way that a collision becomes inevitable. Every car crash is different and the product of different forces. Understanding common factors that contribute to accidents is instrumental in avoiding common risks and reducing one’s risk of being involved in a serious collision. One of the most common reasons behind car accidents in Pennsylvania is that the driver became momentarily distracted from the roadway and emerging hazards. Distractions that capture the attention of the driver have always been a real problem that must be addressed and guarded against. Whereas screaming children or the car radio was the biggest distraction in days gone by, today a broad array of electronic devices competes for the attention of the driver. A smartphone can result in calls, texts, emails, and other communications that take the driver’s attention off of the roadway.

    Likewise, an in-vehicle entertainment system can also divert attention front the road. A driver who is not focused on the road can neither perceive nor react to threats that may appear. A driver who cannot avoid threats is significantly more likely to suffer an accident. Aggressive drivers also significantly increase the odds of suffering an accident for all motorists. Drivers who speed, tailgate, change lanes without signaling, engage in err attic lane changes, lane split, or engage in other aggressive and prohibited behaviors increase the accident risk for all drivers. People who engage in this type of reckless behavior should be held accountable for the injuries they cause.

    Other Reasons Behind Abington Car Crashes

    There are a number of other reasons that can cause a car accident. Unfortunately, one contributing factor to an accident is the presence of a vehicle defect that causes unintended operation or otherwise results in the loss of vehicle control. The Toyota unintended acceleration glitch, General Motors ignition switch recall, and the Takata airbag recall are only a few of the serious vehicle safety problems that have been discovered in recent years. Unfortunately, a number of these vehicles will likely remain on our roads and highways for up to a decade due to owner’s failure to seek repair. These and other defects increase the likelihood that a serious car crash will occur for all k drivers in the immediate vicinity.

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    If another person’s careless or reckless driving caused and accident and severe, life-altering injuries to you, you may be entitled to receive significant compensation for your injuries and other losses. The personal injury and car accident attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm believe that you should not be forced to subsidize the careless behaviors of others. If your case is a good fit, we will fight aggressively and strategically on your behalf. To schedule a free and confidential legal consultation call our firm at (215) 709-6940 or contact us online.

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