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    Spinning rides are one of the most common types of rides. While they are common at amusement parks, carnivals, and fairs of all types spinning rides are often the main attraction at fairs and carnivals. There is a vast array of different types of spinning rides that include:

    • Giant swings – On this ride type guests climb into a swing that is suspended by chains or ropes. Once all guests have boarded, the ride then spins causing the chairs to swing out as the ride accelerates.
    • Scrambler – The scrambler is one of the classic types of spinning rides where the scrambler cars rotate on several axes to thrill riders.
    • Tilt-a-Whirl – Tilt-a-whirl cars are often somewhat reminiscent of half of an egg. Riders climb into the car and the ride spins on the main axis while the car can also spin and twist on its own small platform.
    • Teacups — the teacups are somewhat similar to the tilt-a-whirl but the teacups are an interactive ride. That is, riders can control how fast they spin by turning a wheel located in the middle of the car.
    • Carousel or Merry-go-round – Carousels and merry-go-rounds are a favorite of parents and children, alike. The ride harkens back to a more simple time and can often contain fine woodworking and detail work.
    • Gravitron or UFO – Sometimes also referred to as the Typhoon or Tornado, this type of ride spins extremely rapidly while riders ride inside. The centrifugal forces push riders against the walls giving the illusion that riders are defying gravity.
    • Himalaya ride – The Himalaya or Super Himalaya is intended to simulate riding on a sled or toboggan.
    • Sky swat or Condor – A ride of this type has riders pilot spaceships, airplanes, or birds of prey that revolve around a center point. Some versions allow guests to control their height, while others follow a pre-programmed routine.

    These are only the major types of spinning rides. Many others may vary slightly or significantly from the foregoing are likely in operation throughout the nation. Although these types of spinning rides are typically safe, they can be dangerous and cause serious injury or even death when certain circumstances arise.

    Types of Injuries on Spinning Rides and More

    Each and every accident that occurs on a spinning ride in a fair, carnival or amusement park is unique — the causes of the accident differ, the number and characteristics of the riders can vary, and the response to the accident can also produce different results. Injuries can range from being particularly serious in the case of a traumatic brain injury or they can be painful, but non-life threatening.
    A study published by the Clinical Pediatrics journal reveals that bruises are the most common amusement park injury making up nearly 30% of all injuries. Strains and sprains rank at the second most common injury at 21%. Lacerations accounted for 20 % of injuries. Also ranking among the most common reasons for amusement park injuries are injuries when boarding or exiting a ride, when clothing or body parts become stuck or pinched, and guests that are hit by a ride.

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