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    Philadelphia Aviation Accident Attorneys

    Experienced Litigators Can Handle All Types of Aviation Accidents

    For more than 34 years The Reiff Law Firm has been dedicated to representing individuals and families who have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in an aviation accident. Whether your injury was the result of a commercial airline, helicopter, private aircraft, or charter plane crash our firm’s knowledgeable and experienced attorneys have both the legal and technical savvy to handle complex aviation accident cases.  We provide both answers and stability to guide you through a trying time in your life.

    Understanding the Causes of Plane Crashes

    While commercial air travel is, statistically-speaking, one of the safer modes of transportation, no form of travel is without risk. In fact, the insurance Information Institute estimates that for 2012 there was only 1 accident for every 5 million flights. However it only takes one accident for your, or you family’s lives, to be permanently altered.

    When an airplane or airline accident does occur, the resulting injuries and damage are typically catastrophic. The combination of a high rate of travel coupled with the fact that the plane is tens of thousands of feet in the air means that few plane crashes cause no or minor injuries. Instead traumatic brain injuries, multiple broken bones, spinal injuries, and other catastrophic or fatal injuries  are common.

    With aviation accidents being as uncommon as they are, one might assume that there aren’t that many things that can go wrong. Unfortunately, the potential reasons for a plane or helicopter crash are more numerous than what one might expect. Potential causes for a crash or other incident includes:

    • Structural failures
    • Pressurization failures
    • Icing
    • Hazardous cargo
    • Bird hazards
    • Fuel tank ignition
    • Failure of system isolation
    • Organizational lapses
    • Smoke in the cabin
    • Ground incursions
    • Human error
    • Pre-existing equipment failure

    However, these examples just scratch the surface of possibility. Other potential factors or causes include manufacturing or design defects, improper inspections, poor maintenance, air traffic controller errors and inadequate security.

    Our Experienced Aviation Lawyers Leave No Stone Unturned

    Because the potential causes of an aviation accident are so numerous, investigating an aviation accident is a complex process.  To ensure that a thorough and painstaking investigation is performed, our firm has established relationships with leading aviation accident specialists. Our attorneys work alongside these engineers, physicists and other industry players to ensure that no technical detail is overlooked.  Further adding to the complexity of an aviation injury case, are the numerous Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations.  Our attorneys understand these regulations and their applicability to personal injury cases.

    While many people focus on recovering from a single responsible party, our attorneys have the experience and savvy to pursue multiple claims against multiple parties.  In a single aviation accident fault could rest with numerous parties not limited to:

    • The airline – Whether due to organizational lapses, cost-cutting, or unforeseen consequences, the airline may be responsible for permitting the conditions that allowed the accident to develop.
    • The pilot – Human error is often a contributing factor in aviation mishaps.  Analyzing and assessing whether pilot error was a factor requires extensive technical and legal knowledge.
    • The maintenance or ground crew – The ground crew plays an important but often overlooked role in preparing for take-off and maintaining the aircraft.  Mistakes in refueling or common ground maintenance can have disastrous consequences.
    • The airplane manufacturer and its subcontractors — Manufacturing a complex aircraft require a myriad of contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, and distributors. Our attorneys determine if a manufacturing defect, design defect, or other error contributed to your aviation accident.
    • The flight crew –Although the flight crew typically helps to ensure a safe flight, sometimes mistakes by the crew create or exacerbate dangerous conditions.
    • Passengers — Passengers may intentionally or unintentionally cause a situation aboard the aircraft. A passenger’s medical condition can divert the crew’s attention just as a drunk or threatening passenger can.
    • Weather conditions — Air to ground radar and other technologies help to ensure that planes and other vehicles do not stray into dangerous conditions like electrical storms or icy conditions.  However unexpected weather conditions do occur.

    Our attorneys identify and assess all potential grounds for and sources of recovery.  Our meticulous approach helps us craft a litigation strategy most likely to compensate you for your loss.

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