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Philadelphia Chemical and Toxic Exposure Injury Attorneys

Lawsuits involving chemical or toxic elements to them are unfortunately as common today throughout Pennsylvania as ever. Anyone injured by a chemical or toxin can be involved in a legal claim against anyone else who either made those chemicals or put them near or into people. Some examples of common recent legal suits include asbestos, cigarettes and tobacco, manganese exposure in welding equipment, lead in paint, chemicals in land around people’s houses, toxins in building materials or workplaces and many more.

If you or someone you love suspects that an illness or death was caused by exposure to a chemical or toxin then an experienced chemical injury law firm can help. A legal case of this type is very complicated and involves thousands of different elements and an extensive investigation. The person or persons making the legal claim must prove that the chemical caused the injury or death and often this is very difficult to do. Previous lawsuits in or even out of Pennsylvania can help build a case against a chemical company.

Some chemical and toxic lawsuits are undergone when a person is injured by a pharmaceutical product, a commonly used product or even fumes from a nearby construction or industrial site. Children and the elderly can be particularly injured and are often the victims in a chemical or toxic related incident. Because these incidents typically involve more than one person a class-action lawsuit is usually filed on behalf of many victims.

In a class-action lawsuit seeking damages for chemical or toxic exposure and damages, an experienced law firm will take a case on behalf of everyone injured or potentially affected by the situation. As a result, even if a person did not initially sign up for the lawsuit they may ultimately benefit from the result if they were affected by the elements outlined in the suit. In class-action suits a law firm is able to devote more resources to helping the most people without overburdening themselves.

Some of the largest chemical and toxic lawsuits in Pennsylvania and in the country have resulted in the defective product being taken off the market, companies who are practicing unethical and harmful practices being closed, new laws protecting people to come into being, billions of dollars in settlement money being doled out to victims and their families and the protection of future generations from similar harm.

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