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Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Attorneys

SEPTA, or the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, is a system of trains, trolleys, and buses that provides public transportation in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. While SEPTA helps millions of people commute throughout the Philadelphia region, the company also has a track record of accidents and injuries. If you or someone you love was recently injured in a SEPTA train accident, SEPTA bus accident, or SEPTA trolley accident, or if your spouse or a family member was killed in a collision with a SEPTA vehicle, the SEPTA accident lawyers of The Reiff Law Firm can fight to hold the company accountable and recover compensation on your family’s behalf.

Our Lawyers Help Clients Hurt in SEPTA Train and Bus Accidents

The Philadelphia personal injury attorneys at The Reiff Law Firm bring over 36 years of experience to each claim and lawsuit against SEPTA we handle. Our trusted law firm has earned numerous awards and accolades for our record of favorable case outcomes and outstanding client service, including recognition as SuperLawyers, a status obtained by only 5% of the attorneys who are nominated. We have repeatedly obtained multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements because we understand which tactics work and know how to use them aggressively and effectively. If you or a loved one was hurt in a SEPTA crash, turn to our attorneys for legal help you can rely on.

To discuss filing a SEPTA accident claim in Philadelphia or the surrounding counties, call the law offices of The Reiff Law Firm today at (215) 709-6940 for a free consultation. Your information will remain confidential.

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What to Do After a SEPTA Accident in Philadelphia

Most vehicular accidents result in moderate to severe injuries, including SEPTA bus crashes and SEPTA train crashes. After a SEPTA accident has occurred, many people need to seek medical attention for injuries, which frequently result in costly medical bills. In addition to contending with expensive medical bills, many accident survivors find that they are unable to work due to their injuries, intensifying the financial hardships resulting from the accident.

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Unfortunately, many people are not financially prepared to handle an unforeseen medical bill, nor does everyone have the ability to simply “take some time off” from work while recovering. However, filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit against SEPTA may lead to the recovery of compensation, which can provide you and your family with financial stability at a time when you are burdened with costly medical bills, a reduced ability to earn income, and, depending on the severity of the injury, long-term costs that may continue months or years into the future.

The first and most important step to take after a SEPTA accident is to seek medical care for your injuries. Even if your injuries seem minor or insignificant, it is critical to be examined by a physician as soon as possible. You may be in a state of shock that prevents you from perceiving the severity of your injuries, or could be suffering from internal injuries that are impossible to detect without sophisticated medical equipment.

If you are able to do so safely, you should take as many pictures and/or videos as possible at the scene of the accident, which can provide helpful information in future proceedings. However, you should absolutely never delay seeking medical care, or place yourself in the path of vehicles, in order to take photographs. Your health and safety are more important.

Once you have received medical care, your next step should be contacting a personal injury attorney who has prior experience handling claims and lawsuits against public transportation entities like SEPTA. Avoid making statements to SEPTA representatives or personnel, who may try to have you sign a contract or accept an inadequate settlement that does not account for the full scope of your losses and expenses. Let your train accident injury attorney, who is there to uphold your rights and protect your best interests, handle all correspondence with SEPTA on your behalf. Keep in mind that claims against public entities are exceptionally complex as they are governed by different rules than other types of personal injury claims. It is imperative to work with a skilled and experienced SEPTA injury lawyer after you have been hurt in a crash involving a SEPTA bus, train, or another vehicle.

Causes of SEPTA Bus and Train Crashes

Because SEPTA operates vehicles which are designed to carry multiple people, any accident involving a SEPTA transportation system can produce multiple injuries. Take, for example, the recent accident involving a SEPTA bus. On July 25, a bus carrying over two dozen people was involved in an accident on Route 113. While the bus was traveling southbound on Lansdowne Avenue, a Jeep passenger vehicle pulled in front of the bus and caused an accident, forcing the bus to collide with a tractor-trailer. News reports indicate that 26 people who were passengers on the bus, along with two pedestrians, were injured in this crash.

More recently, in August 2017, an occupied SEPTA Norristown High Speed Line train crashed into an unoccupied train at the 69th Street Transportation Center located in Upper Darby. The accident resulted in at least 42 known injuries. While the cause has yet to be officially determined, investigators are examining various possibilities. One passenger who was interviewed after the accident expressed a belief that the train’s brakes may have been defective.

Accidents may occur on each of SEPTA’s forms of transportation, including buses, subway trains on the Broad Street Line or Market-Frankford Line, Regional Rail trains, and trolleys. Injury victims may be SEPTA employees, passengers riding the vehicle, or pedestrians, cyclists, or motorists who are sharing the road outside. Sadly, pedestrians and SEPTA workers are killed or seriously injured every year after being struck by a moving train, bus, or trolley.

There are many ways preventable SEPTA accidents can occur. For example, operator error and improper maintenance can lead to two trains or trolleys colliding on the same track. Inadequately trained operators and drivers, and lack of proper maintenance to SEPTA vehicles can also lead to avoidable accidents and injuries. SEPTA maintenance workers are at risk of injury due to the dangerous working environment around fast-moving locomotives and high-voltage electrical grids. In some SEPTA accidents, a defective product can be the cause of a catastrophic injury or wrongful death.

In addition to accidents and injuries that occur while on a SEPTA vehicle, there are also countless accidents that occur at SEPTA terminals, SEPTA station stops, and SEPTA concourses. Dangerous conditions that are reported to SEPTA by passengers and pedestrians are often left unrepaired for months at a time. Leaky pipes, malfunctioning drains, and improperly maintained premises can cause slip and fall accidents. In addition, crumbling walls and ceilings have been reported to collapse on people, causing head injuries, brain injuries, and neck injuries.

Philadelphia Injury Lawyers for SEPTA Accidents

Injuries from SEPTA accidents are not something to take lightly. Many of these accidents result in serious and catastrophic injuries, and can even cause wrongful death.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident with SEPTA, do not be intimidated by their threats of litigation. The Philadelphia accident attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm strongly encourage you to consult an experienced SEPTA accident lawyer in order to fully protect your rights.

SEPTA has been deemed to be a state agency, and therefore, there are specific laws that you must abide when you are filing a lawsuit. Waiting too long to take legal action may prevent you from filing a lawsuit, so it is critical to consult with an attorney as soon as possible after a crash.

As frequent users of SEPTA transportation ourselves, and having worked in the Philadelphia region for over three decades, our Philadelphia injury attorneys have a deep understanding of these laws and know the best strategies to pursue compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. There are limits to the amount of compensation SEPTA is required to pay for accidents, so it is important to seek experienced legal advice.

The experienced SEPTA injury lawyers of The Reiff Law Firm have a proven track record of success, and have won hundreds of million dollars on behalf of catastrophically injured clients and their families. We are proud to serve residents of Philadelphia and surrounding counties, as well as other regions of Pennsylvania. Contact a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer today at (215) 709-6940 for a free legal consultation if you were a victim of a SEPTA vehicle accident or other Philadelphia bus accident injury, and we will determine whether you have a claim.