Doylestown, PA Personal Injury Lawyers
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    Doylestown, PA Personal Injury Lawyers

    People throughout Doylestown are injured because of the conduct of other individuals or entities. The devastating negative ripples from an unexpected injury could adversely affect an injured person’s health while straining their financial resources. If you were injured, you do not have to handle the situation alone. The Reiff Law Firm has represented injured individuals for decades.

    A serious injury impacts more than just the health of the victim. Depending on the severity of the injury, a person could be facing significant medical expenses, ongoing costs for therapy or healthcare, and a substantial loss of income. If you were not at fault, you deserve compensation for your losses. Our Doylestown personal injury lawyers want to fight for your rights. Call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 to schedule a free consultation.

    Personal Injury Lawsuits in Doylestown

    Personal injury lawsuits in Doylestown are legal disputes arising from incidents where a person is injured or suffers harm. Additionally, another individual or entity is legally responsible for the injury and any incurred damages. Often, the insurance company for the responsible party will compensate the injured victim for medical expenses and costs. For instance, in a car accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance provider would typically pay for the medical expenses while in a medical malpractice case, our Doylestown personal injury attorney could be working directly with the physician’s or hospital’s insurance company.

    If you are injured due to another’s negligent behavior, our experienced personal injury attorney will typically attempt two approaches to settle the matter.

    Settlements in Doylestown Personal Injury Claims

    In a large number of cases, your personal injury attorney will not have to file a formal lawsuit with the civil court. Typically, when someone suffers an injury through another’s negligence, fault and compensation are resolved through a settlement agreement. The Reiff Law Firm will work directly with the other parties involved in the dispute to negotiate a fair settlement based on the circumstances of your case. If the matter is resolved in this manner, a formal settlement agreement would be drafted, outlining the terms of compensation and, generally, releasing the defendant from any further liability or lawsuits.

    Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Doylestown

    However, there are times when it is impossible to come to a fair agreement. In these cases, we will file a civil complaint against the individual or entity that is responsible for the harm you sustained. Often, there are multiple defendants in a case, and we will ensure to include any party that might be responsible for your injury.

    Common Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits Filed in Doylestown, PA

    Personal injury lawsuits are filed for a wide variety of injuries. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common occurrences that give rise to personal injury lawsuits. Every time someone gets behind the wheel in Pennsylvania, they assume a certain risk. However, that risk is often compounded by the negligent conduct of other motorists on the road. It is important to note that accidents are not limited to cars – motorcycles, trucks, buses, and ATVs are also involved in accidents in Doylestown.

    Another common reason people file personal injury claims is medical malpractice. We trust our medical professionals and healthcare providers to make informed and accurate decisions concerning our health and wellbeing. However, medical errors occur, often resulting in devastating and long-lasting injuries. Medical malpractice encompasses many types of conduct, including surgical errors, failing to diagnose a condition, birth injuries, and mistakes in prescribing or dispensing medication. Our Doylestown personal injury attorneys have the resources and medical experts available to prosecute a medical malpractice claim vigorously.

    People are often injured because of unsafe conditions in and around the property they are inhabiting or visiting. Property owners, landlords, and managers have a responsibility to ensure that their properties are reasonably safe. An injured individual could file a “slip and fall” lawsuit if they are injured due to unreasonably hazardous conditions of a walkway or staircase. Likewise, a property owner or manager could be held accountable in a premises liability lawsuit if someone is injured because they failed to properly maintain their property.

    Other Considerations in Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

    Timing is important when filing a personal injury lawsuit. Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations sets the legal deadline to file a personal injury claim at two years from the date of the injury. Therefore, if you want to utilize the civil court system to petition for compensation, you must make sure your claim is filed before the deadline passes. Additionally, there are pragmatic reasons for beginning the process sooner than later. A successful personal injury claim requires evidence, and any delay in retaining the services of our Doylestown attorney could result in crucial evidence becoming lost or unavailable.

    Additionally, to hold a defendant liable in a personal injury lawsuit, our Doylestown attorney must prove the behavior was negligent. Establishing negligence requires showing four elements.

    • The plaintiff was owed a duty of care
    • There was a breach of that duty
    • The breach caused the plaintiff’s injury
    • The plaintiff suffered actual damages because of the injury

    Call Our Doylestown Personal Injury Lawyers for a Free Consultation

    At the Reiff Law Firm, our staff and attorneys take a client-centric and results-first approach to our personal injury cases. We understand that a severe injury could have a devastating impact, and we are dedicated to treating our clients with compassion. At the same time, we will work towards a beneficial solution – either a negotiated settlement or a personal injury lawsuit. If you were injured through the negligent conduct of another, contact our Doylestown personal injury lawyers immediately. Call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 to schedule a free, confidential appointment.

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