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    Cars are one of the building blocks of our modern lives and modern society. Without affordable, reliable personal vehicles the notion that one could live and work in different towns would likely seem impracticable or impossible. Residents of West Chester are lucky in that the city and area has been committed to road-building and personal vehicles since the time of horses and carriages. The main east-west road that passes through West Chester is still the West Chester Pike as it has been since its founding as a private road in the 1850s. Today the road is part of PA 3. Other major roads serving West Chester and its communities includes Pottstown Pike, Market street, Gay Street, PA 100, US 202, and US 322.

    While these roadways and highways provide efficient and generally safe routes to West Chester and beyond, accidents are always a risk when it comes to travel by car. When the accident is unnecessarily caused by the careless, reckless, or negligent actions of another driver you shouldn’t be left on the hook for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. The experienced car accident attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm can stand up to the other driver’s insurance company and fight for the compensation to which you are entitled.

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    Why do Life-Altering Car Crashes Occur in West Chester?

    It is impossible to account for each and every possible reason that could contribute to causing a car accident because the contributing factors are so broad and wide-ranging that they are nearly unlimited. However over the course of our more than three decades of practice fighting for accident victims we have determined that certain factors show up more frequently than others. Some of these more prevalent reasons that can cause or contribute to an accident include:

    • Distracted driver – While distractions have been a problem ever since kids could argue in the backseat, today distractions seem to come from everywhere. Aside from contending with distractions by passengers, complex in-car entertainment systems, cell phones and electronic devices, and flashy electronic billboards all compete for a driver’s attention.
    • Poor road conditions – In an era of budget crunches and cutbacks, road maintenance seems like one of the first things to be put on the chopping block. Potholes, accumulations of ice and snow, and insufficient drainage can all lead to a loss of vehicle control.
    • Unaddressed vehicle defects – Defects like GM’s ignition switch problems, Takata’s airbag recall, and Toyota’s unintended acceleration increase the odds of an accident due to an unexpected loss of vehicle control or exacerbate the consequences of a crash when it occurs. Drivers should always address vehicle recalls due to a safety defect.
    • Aggressive driving – All motorists are required to follow the rules of the road. Drivers who speed, make erratic lane changes, and otherwise act unpredictably significantly increase the odds of an accident for all in the vicinity. Aggressive driving is simply poor driving and is likely to be in violation with one or more motor vehicle regulations.

    There are many other events and actions that can contribute to causing an accident including roadway debris, a vehicle that drops cargo on the road, adverse weather, and many other reasons.

    What Types of Damages are Available after a Car Crash?

    Assuming that the crash is the due to negligence or other culpable action taken by the other party, there is a range of damages that may be available depending on the conduct and events that have transpired. To begin with, the most commonly awarded type of damages are compensatory damages. Damages of this type are intended to make the victim whole for the losses he or she suffered. Compensatory damages can provide compensation for things like medical expenses, rehabilitative therapy, lost wages, lost earning potential, and pain & suffering. In instances where particularly egregious or wanton behavior caused your injury, punitive damages may be imposed. Punitive damages are rare and are intended to punish individuals for particularly unacceptable behavior.

    Rely on our Car Accident Litigation Experience

    If you’ve been in a minor car accident you have probably already experienced some of the tactics utilized by insurers. In major accidents where hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are on the time, insurance companies only become more aggressive in their own defense. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney who understands the process can result in more favorable outcomes. However, we are always ready to take a matter to trial if it appears to be the option most likely to result in a favorable outcome for a client. To schedule a free and confidential personal injury consultation call The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 today.


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