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    We always think of the brain as the body’s most important organ, but the brain and body alike rely on the spinal cord to communicate with one another.  The spinal cord plays a major role in regulating numerous voluntary and involuntary bodily functions, so when the spinal cord is damaged by external trauma or an untreated illness, the victim’s life can be dramatically changed — sometimes forever.

    Spinal cord injury, or SCI, is one of the most devastating events the human body can be subjected to. SCI frequently results in permanent disability, which subsequently leads to ongoing emotional pain and huge financial hardship alike.  Physical therapy and other treatments for SCI can continue for years, accumulating enormous medical costs all the while.  To make the situation worse, the person living with the injury will typically be unable to earn income because of their physical condition.

    It can be very easy to feel overwhelmed, but know that you don’t have to deal with the repercussions of your injury on your own.  The York County spinal cord injury lawyers of The Reiff Law Firm are here to help you.  Call us right now at (215) 709-6940 to arrange a free consultation.

    The Reiff Law Firm: York County Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

    SCI can turn anyone’s life completely upside down, regardless of factors like age, gender, profession, or hobbies.  Sadly, many survivors of these terrible injuries are forced to live with paralysis, chronic pain, emotional distress, and a generally reduced quality of life.  It is completely unacceptable that you should have to suffer in silence with the consequences of another party’s actions: you are entitled to seek justice.

    While a lawsuit, unfortunately, cannot turn back the hands of time, it can result in a significant financial award to help cover your bills and ease your burdens.  In addition to monetary compensation, a claim can also yield invaluable peace of mind that the guilty party was held accountable for their wrongdoing against you.

    The personal injury attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm have worked with thousands of clients across a span of more than 34 years.  We have decades of hands-on experience and practical knowledge to bring to your case and have won multiple awards in excess of $1 million for our clients.  When you need an aggressive legal team with a history of success, call on The Reiff Law Firm.

    Is Someone Liable for My Injury?

    Traumatic SCI

    Traumatic SCI means that the injury was caused by an external force, such as falling or being struck by an object.  Depending on how you were hurt, liability could vary. For example, you may have had a slip and fall accident which resulted in injury to the spinal cord.  If your slip and fall was caused by a hazardous property, the property owner may be liable for negligent maintenance.  The CDC reports that roughly one-quarter of spinal cord injuries are caused by falls. 

    In another common example, SCI occurs as a result of a car crash.  Motorists may be liable if they were driving negligently, with some common examples being texting while driving and excessive speeding.  Other common causes include sports accidents, and acts of violence, such as assault.

    Non-Traumatic SCI

    Strikes, falls, and collisions are not always the culprit.  Sometimes, an internal condition can cause damage to the spinal cord, such as infection, inflammation, or circulatory problems.  If a doctor or other medical professional fails to make a diagnosis of an underlying issue, and that issue then leads to SCI, it could be a matter of medical malpractice. Surgical errors have also been known to have debilitating effects on their victims.

    If you or someone you love was hurt in an accident, you may be able to recover compensation. However, the state of Pennsylvania imposes strict limits on the time you have to file an injury claim, so you need to act fast.  Call the law offices of The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940, or contact us online to schedule a free case evaluation.  We won’t charge a fee unless we win, so call right away.

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