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    If you were harmed because another person acted negligently, you can likely get the compensatory damages you need by suing for injury in Lansdale.

    Personal injury cases begin with an accident occurring and a victim getting treated for their injuries. After you are hurt, our attorneys can determine fault and begin preparing your case through a thorough investigation. Once you have filed your claim, you can go to court, where you may be able to recover more substantial damages than if you settled. Recovery is often received through structured payments, though it might be available at once in a lump sum payment. Victims should expect their cases to take several months, and in some cases years, to complete in Lansdale.

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    Timeline of a Personal Injury Claim in Lansdale, PA

    Many personal injury cases follow a similar timeline. It starts with an accident and, if successful, ends with a victim recovering the compensatory damages they deserve. In between is when a plaintiff will prepare their case and file their claim against a negligent party.

    Begin Your Recovery

    Before our personal injury lawyers can file your claim in Lansdale, you must go to the hospital. This is best done immediately after you are hurt because of another person’s negligent act. Starting your physical recovery right away will allow you to build crucial medical evidence of your injuries. Waiting to go to the hospital or seek medical treatment for your injuries could undermine the success of your future claim. While recovering from your injuries is important, so is reporting them. Victims can often call the police and report an accident in Lansdale.

    Determine Fault

    Depending on your reasons for filing a personal injury lawsuit, the identity of the at-fault party might be more or less clear. For example, if a victim was struck by a car, it is natural to assume that the driver who struck them was at fault. In other circumstances, a victim might be unsure who is to blame for their damages. For example, if you were hurt while walking in the stairwell at work, whose negligence caused your injuries, your employer’s or the building owner’s? Or, if you were hurt in an accident while riding the bus, is the bus driver to blame or the company that employs them? In some situations, multiple parties might share fault for a victim’s injuries. Getting the issue of fault straightened out as soon as possible following an accident in Lansdale is crucial so that victims can proceed with seeking compensation.

    Prepare Your Case

    Preparation of a case can take considerable time, depending on its complexity. While victims have two years to sue for damages in Lansdale, building a case might take several months. Because of that, it is important to decide to file as soon as possible after an accident that causes you injury so that our attorneys have ample time to prepare your claim. We will systematically investigate your accident during this preparation period, beginning with its cause. The investigation will likely uncover evidence, such as eyewitness statements, accident reports, and video footage. Suppose your claim is against a negligent manufacturer for producing a defective product that caused you injury. In that case, an investigation into its production practices might be called for, which might take more time than investigating a straightforward auto accident. Any personal injury case can be complicated, even if it appears simple, and preparation is always necessary.

    File Your Claim

    Unless your claim is against a government entity, you will have two years to file in Lansdale. After you file, the judge might request or require that you enter into alternative dispute resolution methods in an attempt to settle the issue out of court. Our attorneys typically advise against settling as greater damages might be available to those who go to trial. While settling can seem ideal, insurance companies and negligent parties rarely offer an amount that is appropriate and is considerate of a victim’s financial and emotional damages.

    Receive Your Compensation

    After finding success in your claim for injury in Lansdale, you will receive your compensation. It often takes time to process settlements or awards, generally around three weeks. You might receive your compensation at one time in a lump sum payment. While a lump sum payment might be ideal, it is also possible that you get your award in structured payments over a period of several months or years. Compensation is not capped in personal injury claims in Lansdale, apart from those against medical professionals or government agencies.

    Average Length of Personal Injury Claims in Lansdale, PA

    Lawsuits filed for personal injury are not won or concluded overnight. In the fastest scenarios, such civil claims take a matter of months in Lansdale.

    Injury cases typically take less time when they are settled out of court. While this might color a plaintiff’s decision to settle or not, it is important to remember that settling with an insurance company or defendant might cause you to miss out on crucial compensation, such as punitive and emotional damages.

    Victims should expect to spend some time waiting after they sue for compensation. Although your case is of the utmost importance to you and our lawyers, it is not likely to reach the court docket soon after you file. It might be weeks or months before your case is heard by a jury or judge in Lansdale. Depending on the evidence presented by a plaintiff and a defendant, a claim might be finished within a matter of days of going to trial.

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