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    Pennsylvania is one of the most heavily traveled states in the country and that includes Carbon County. Many cars, motorcycles, trucks, and commercial vehicles use the roads and highways that run through Carbon County to deliver goods and products.  However, while it is important that we share the road with truck drivers and other big vehicles, these vehicles are often the cause of severe and traumatic accidents, which can be very different from standard vehicle accidents.

    Carbon County Truck Accidents

    Located on the eastern half of the state, 65,249 people call Carbon County home. This town contains many notable places in Pennsylvania including Jim Thorpe, Allentown, and Bethlehem. This area is considered to be part of the Pocono Mountain range and is has been historically noted for its vast coal deposits.

    The 387 square miles that make up this county are crisscrossed with many important local, state, and national highways such as:

    • PA Route 902
    • PA Route 903
    • PA Route 940
    • PA Route 895
    • PA Route 309

    In addition to these roads, Carbon County also has access to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which means that there will be plenty of cars and trucks on the road at any given moment.

    One road that has gained attention in Carbon County for being a source of truck accidents is Route 93 near Jim Thorpe.  Three accidents, all involving tractor-trailers, happened in this vicinity. The first accident on Route 93 happened when a tractor-trailer that was hauling nine limited-edition Jeep automobiles lost control of its brakes and rolled over. While this accident did not involve any injury to people all of the vehicles that the tractor was hauling were damages. Another accident happened the next day on Route 93, this time approaching the intersection of Route 209. This accident also involved the tractor-trailer losing control of its breaks. The tractor was not able to make the turn to get safely onto route 209 and instead crashed into a shed of auto business. Finally, within the span of another few days, a tractor-trailer accident was reported just before 8 am when the driver lost control of his vehicle and ran off the runaway truck ramp and into the woods.

    These accidents note a scary trend and something that all drivers should be aware of when they are driving through this part of the county. On top of Route 93, there is a sign that warns all truck and commercial drivers that they need to come to a complete stop before they proceed downhill. In addition to coming to a complete stop before proceeding down this steep hill, the sign also warns drivers that they must proceed down the hill in a lower or reduced gear. This sign is an attempt to prevent accidents like the three, which were reported.

    Other types of Truck Accidents

    There are many types of truck accidents other than a truck’s brakes failing to work properly. Some of the accidents that we have seen over the past several decades include:

    These accidents can happen to any commercial vehicle and some of the most common ones that have been the source of injuries in the past include:

    Even careful drivers are at risk of being injured because of a commercial vehicle. Even a large SUV is no match for a tractor-trailer driving down the road and when these accidents happen there are often serious injuries and even death.

    If You Were Hurt in a Crash with an 18-Wheeler in Carbon County, Our Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help

    If you have been involved in a serious commercial truck accident with an 18-wheeler or other commercial truck, you may be entitled to damages. Commercial trucks’ large size and significant weight often mean that the injuries inflicted are significantly worse than those typically suffered in other accidents. Our truck accident injury lawyers may be able to fight for you. To schedule a free and confidential consultation, call the trucking accident attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 or contact us online today.

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