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    No one can predict the future, or see when an accident is going to happen when you are driving. There is always the risk that even if you are being the safest driver possible, that someone else will hit you and injure you, or someone you know and love. Commercial truck accidents are one of the biggest reasons for catastrophic and fatal injuries on the roads, and no matter how safe we try to be when we are driving, there is always the chance that you will be involved in an accident with one of these vehicles.

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    What Causes Truck Accidents in Clarion County?

    No two truck accidents are the same, and each truck accident has its own specific facts and circumstances that lead to an accident. Because each accident is so different and unique, that is why it is always a good idea to talk to a qualified truck accident attorney after any crash involving a large truck or another commercial vehicle.  Commercial truck accidents are generally more complex accidents, not only to investigate but also to litigate. Each factor and unique circumstance of an accident need to be analyzed and included in an effective argument.

    Driver fatigue

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has conducted extensive studies that have unequivocally shown that the longer a driver is on the road the more likely they are to be in an accident. For that reason, the FMCSA has enacted certain restrictions on the length of time that a commercial driver can be on the road. However, truck drivers are often under pressure from their employers to meet tight delivery deadlines.

    Braking failure

    If you were to compare the braking system of a standard passenger vehicle, car, SUV, or even small truck, it would be incredibly different from the braking system that is implemented in almost every large commercial vehicle. That being said, to bring a truck weighing 80,000 pounds to a complete stop not only requires an exceptional braking system but also absolute attention from the driver. However, braking systems in trucks have been noted to malfunction, causing accidents,  if they are not inspected and regularly maintained.

    Truck driver prescription use

    Truck drivers have been frequently cited for not only using prescription drugs with adverse side-effects but also for abusing prescription drugs. Commercial drivers and truck drivers who drive long-haul deliveries are often under pressure to meet deadlines and must find a way to drive long hours without having to rest. However, when a commercial truck driver improperly uses a prescription, it can lead to them being involved in an accident.

    Aggressive driving

    Aggressive drivers are a problem in any kind of vehicle. No matter if it is a car, sedan, SUV, or motorcycle, erratic driving patterns, and aggressive driving can cause an accident. While any driver who is too aggressive on the road can cause an accident, when there is a truck or other commercial vehicle, this can not only cause an accident, but it can cause a severe and devastating accident.

    Unfamiliarity with the road

    Each road we drive on in Clarion County is different and often requires that the drivers know what is going to be ahead of them. Whether it is a tight curve in the road or a sign that you have to know where to look in order to be able to see when a driver is unfamiliar with the road it can cause an accident.

    Road construction

    Construction is a regular part of driving on the roads here in Clarion County, and every in Pennsylvania. As discussed above, one reason for trucking accidents is when the driver can’t bring their truck to a complete stop. IN the event that a truck driver does not see the construction ahead signs, they may not be able to bring their truck to a complete stop. Alternatively, drivers in construction sites may misjudge the space between them and your car, which can lead to accidents.

    Working with Experts for Your Truck Accident Claim

    When there is an accident there are lots of things that can affect how a resulting lawsuit will work. One of the most important parts of any case is having evidence.

    Medical experts

    When you have been injured you will need to see a medical expert such as a doctor, nurse, or physician assistant. Working with a medical expert who can explain to the court that your injuries were caused by a tractor-trailer accident is crucial to success in your case.


    Often when there are accidents there are other people around, many of whom saw the accident. We have employed witnesses and used their statements and testimony in court to demonstrate that the driver of the tractor-trailer was negligent, such as running a stop sign that they ran a stop

    Accident reconstruction experts

    often when there is an accident involving a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle the insurance companies that represent the company will immediately send out investigators and claims adjusters. These companies are not interested in the emotional component of an accident, that a person is injured, they are simply worried about their bottom line. Hiring an accident reconstruction expert is a method we have employed to combat the insurance companies by presenting scientific evidence and reports that analyze the accident conditions.

    Are you a Truck Accident Victim in Clarion County?

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