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    Adams County is a wonderful place to live. It offers scenic farmland and historical sites. However, no matter how idyllic a place is to live sometimes accidents happen. Truck driving accidents also tend to be more complex than automobile accidents. However, just because a truck is a larger vehicle does not always mean that the truck driver is the cause of an accident. If you have been injured in an accident because of another vehicle on the road or if a truck has injured you, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries.

    Who Is Responsible for a Truck Accident?

    It is very common for the trucking, hauling, and leasing companies to argue amongst themselves when it comes to determining whose insurance will compensate the victim. This is true for both truck drivers who are injured and automobile drivers who are injured.  However, when you have been injured you do not want to be stuck in the middle of these people while they argue. Hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer can help provide you with peace of mind knowing that someone is advocating for your rights.

    What do when an Accident happens in Adams County?

    Adams County has some pretty significant historical sites that attract thousands of people each year.  Gettysburg Pennsylvania is home to Gettysburg National Military Park, which commemorates one of the most significant battles of the American Civil War.  Thousands of people come from all parts of the United States to visit the park and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, when they do they sometimes are involved in accidents. If you have been in an accident around Gettysburg or in Adams County there are some things that you should do:

    • Remain with your car at the crash;
    • Check on the condition of all people involved in the crash;
    • Call the police;
    • Exchange insurance information with all the other drivers that were involved;
    • Get contact information from witnesses;
    • Inform your insurance company;
    • Get appropriate medical treatment, and track the details;
    • Take photos of vehicle damage and injuries;
    • Consider hiring a personal injury attorney.

    This is a brief overview of the legal concept of negligence.  An experienced truck accident attorney will be able to further explain these elements.

    What are the Most Common Truck Accident Injuries?

    No accident is exactly the same. Depending on the type of vehicle involved, the conditions of the road, and the speed of the drivers can determine the extent of any injuries. Because each accident is unique so are the types of injuries that a person may suffer as a result of their accident. However, there are certain types of injuries and damages that tend to occur more frequently. These include:

    Fractured Bones

    After an accident, particularly one involving a truck or tractor-trailer, it is very common for a person to suffer a fractured or broken bone. While seatbelts and airbags can greatly reduce the chance that an accident will not be fatal, broken or fractured bones are still extremely common in truck accidents

    Traumatic Brain Injury

    A traumatic brain injury or “TBI” is a serious and potentially deadly accident. Because the brain is the center of the body, any TBI should be taken very seriously.

    Burn Injuries

    Burn injuries are a very common injury anytime there is an accident yet are often overlooked when someone thinks about a car accident. Some of the major contributors to burn injuries when a tractor-trailer is involved are the amount of fuel that a tractor-trailer carries as well as any hazardous chemicals that the truck may contain.


    Whiplash injuries are another common injury that is routinely reported by those who are involved in any kind of accident. It may not seem too serious compared to other types of injuries, however  When vehicles collide a series of forces is rapidly applied — forces that can cause shearing of muscle and nerve tissue resulting in nausea, headaches, and problems with memory. Because of the sheer amount of weight and force involved in a truck accident whiplash injuries can be particularly severe.

    If you have suffered one of the above injuries in an accident or simply do not feel quite right, see a doctor or go to the emergency room immediately.  Recovery from your injuries can often be greater if you receive treatment early and often.

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