Bradford County Truck Accident Lawyer
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    Bradford County Truck Accident Lawyer

    Anyone who has driven through Bradford County can tell you that it is a wonderful place to be. However, driving on these roads or any road in Pennsylvania can be dangerous. Drivers share the roads with trucks, big rigs, 18-wheelers, and other commercial vehicles all of which are generally much larger than your standard car or vehicle. In addition, these larger vehicles are the reason behind many accidents here in Bradford County and throughout the state. When there is an accident between a passenger vehicle, pedestrian, or motorcycle and a tractor-trailer there are likely going to be profound and debilitating injuries.

    Make no mistake that when you are involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle there are going to be injuries and damages. Insurance companies and those who work for large trucking companies are mainly concerned with keeping their costs down and not worried about the medical bills, pain and suffering, and property damage that you are expected to deal with. That is why if you have been injured in an accident with a tractor-trailer, big rig, 18 wheeler, or commercial vehicle you should call the Truck Accident Team of Reiff Law Firm, who have a team of experienced lawyers who are ready to help you with your case.

    Truck Accidents in Bradford County

    Bradford County is located in the North of Pennsylvania. While this county does not have a very large population with an estimated amount of 62,000 people who call this county home, there are still many reasons why a tractor-trailer may be involved in an accident within this county.  Bradford County is composed of over 14 different boroughs and over twenty-five different townships.  With this many different townships and boroughs located in the county there are going to be many areas that are dangerous for motorists. One of these noted in the news recently is the intersection of Walburn Road in Burlington Township.  Recently there was a crash at this intersection, which claimed the lives of three people. While he crash remains under investigation, police noted that one of the drivers had crossed the center line and struck another vehicle head on. This highlights that even if there isn’t a tractor involved in an accident, accidents are often deadly.  In addition to this area there are many other major highway and roads located in the borders of Bradford County including:

    The major thoroughfares in the Township include:

    • State Route 187
    • US Route 6
    • Mercur Hill Road
    • Route 14
    • Route 6
    • Route 514

    An accident can occur on any of these roads and at any time day or night. Our Truck Accident team of lawyers understands that you probably have many questions and concerns after you have been in an accident, and we have the knowledge and skill to help you through the process of recovery.

    Types of Trucking Accidents

    After years of representing victims of truck accidents throughout Pennsylvania we have found that there are several different types of truck accidents and the events that lead up to them. Sadly, these statistics don’t come from us, but from the knowledge that nearly one and ever seven fatalities on the highway involves a tractor trailer or other commercial driver.

    Driver Exhaustion: Truck drivers often spend long hours on the road, in fact some drivers have been cited for driving in excess of twenty hours without a break. It is plain to see that when a driver is not well rested they can cause an accident. In fact, nearly one out of every five accident fatalities are caused by exhausted drivers who either fell asleep at the wheel or whose fatigue affected their reaction time.  While the Code of Federal Regulations mandates that a commercial driver may not work for 8 continuous hours without taking a break of at least 30 minutes, many drivers are in a rush to meet deadlines and choose to ignore these regulations and drive straight through their breaks. To make their deadlines, drivers often resort to extreme measures such as taking caffeine pills or other drugs in an effort to stay awake. As a result, exhausted and distracted drivers cause scores of accidents every year.

    Driver error – a truck driver making an error is one of the leading causes of an accident. There are thousands of little things that can lead a driver to make an error. From failing to pay attention, to failing to yield or stop at a sign, to texting, to misjudging the distance required to stop. If there is an accident it is common to look at what the driver did to determine if they were in error.

    No matter what the reason for a truck accident, no two truck accidents are the same. They all involve a unique set of facts and individuals. Because an accident is not “cookie cutter” your legal representation shouldn’t be either.

    Our Bradford County Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help

    Contact The Truck Accident Team today to see how we can make our experience work for you — before the statute of limitations expires. You only pay if there’s a financial recovery. Call (215) 709-6940 or email us.

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