Blair County Truck Accident Attorney
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    Blair County Truck Accident Attorney

    Driving in Blair County can be peaceful and serene. With a rural feel, many residents of Blair County are very happy to call this part of the state home. However, when you are on the road you will probably be sharing it with a tractor-trailer or two. When these vehicles are involved in accidents there is an elevated risk that there not only will be damage to your car but also there is the possibility that there are going to be injuries to you and your occupants.

    Truck Accidents in Blair County

    As of the 2010 census, Blair County had a population of approximately 127,089. In addition to having a considerable population, there are many notable places in Blair County, which attracts motorists and tractor-trailer drivers alike. Blair County comprises the Altoona, PA Metropolitan Statistical Area. There are many adjacent counties to Blair County including Centre County located to the north, Huntingdon County located to the East, Bedford County located to the South, Cambria County located to the west, and Clearfield County located to the northwest.

    Tractor-trailer accidents are not uncommon in this area of the state despite it being noted as being more rural than other more densely populated parts of the state.  Last year a resident of Logan Township in Blair County lost their life as a result of a tractor-trailer accident. This accident caused Interstate 99 to be closed for several hours as crews were sent to examine and clean the accident site.

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    Blair County Truck Accident Types

    Driving through any of the roads, townships, and municipalities in Blair County puts you on the same roads as trucks and other commercial vehicles. While a standard passenger car can weigh in the range of five to eight thousand pounds. A standard commercial vehicle will weigh upwards of twenty thousand pounds. No matter the size or weight of the vehicle when there is a tractor-trailer in an accident with another car there are going to be damages and injuries. Some of the most common truck accidents we have worked on include:

    Rear-End Injuries

    These injuries are often the result of a chain reaction where one car stops short or the driver behind them is not paying close enough attention resulting in the cars hitting bumpers. However, when there is a tractor involved there is the potential that a rear-end accident can cause the car or even truck to go under the hood of the tractor-trailer.

    Head-on Collisions

    Tractor-trailer and commercial drivers are notoriously overworked and susceptible to the same distractions that all drivers on the road face. It only takes a second for a driver to close their eyes and cross into the lane of oncoming traffic. Head-on truck accidents are often fatal, and in the event that the occupants do survive there is an elevated risk that the injuries they will sustain will be major.  


    Tractor-trailer drivers are instructed not to make turns at high speeds, to avoid making rapid adjustments while driving, and in addition, they are instructed not to make lane changes without sufficient time to execute the shift. When a driver fails to do any of these, their vehicle may lose control and stability resulting in the trailer and the attached cab to roll onto its side or even completely flip. Often these accidents cause monumental damage to the vehicles that are involved.

    Jackknife Turns

    When the trailer connected to the cab of a trailer swings rapidly to the front of the vehicle it can sweep other cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles out of the way and cause the truck to jackknife The trailer part of a tractor-trailer truck sometimes swings around during an accident. As a result, the trailer folds back toward the truck cab and forms a sharp angle (less than 90 degrees). Vehicles trapped in the jackknife part of such accidents often sustain serious damage.

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