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    When you are driving on the road an accident of any sort can be catastrophic. However, when there is a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle involved there is a much higher chance that there will be catastrophic injuries and even deaths.

    However, when you are involved in an accident you don’t just have to handle your own injuries, you also have to worry about a truck insurance company trying to get away with not paying for your injuries or the death of a loved one. That is why hiring a team of lawyers who have experience handling major truck accidents and are well-aware of the complex procedures needed to help you recover is essential.

    Cambria County Truck Accidents

    Cambria County is located close to the center of Pennsylvania. It has a population of 143,679 people all of whom live within the 694 square miles of the county. Cambria County like other areas of the state is highly used by all types of drivers.  In particular, there are a large number of commercial vehicles and trucks that use any of the following roads:

    • U.S Route 219 North
    • PA Route 56 West
    • PA Route 711
    • PA Route 403
    • Interstate 99
    • Interstate 80
    • Interstate 70
    • Interstate 76
    • Interstate 68

    In addition, there are some notable problems with the City of Johnstown and truck congestion in the City’s west end.  Truck accidents do happen here even though it seems like they would be more likely to happen in larger more metropolitan areas.  Take for example the recent accident involving an SUV and a tractor-trailer which were involved in an accident. The Cambria County Coroner says a 69-year-old from Somerset County was driving his SUV and pulled in front of the tractor-trailer coming from the opposite direction on Route 422 in Cambria Township. The driver of the SUV, unfortunately, lost his life, and his wife was listed as being in critical condition. The attorneys of Reiff Law Firm’s The Truck Accident Team, have the experience and dedication needed to win these cases. With over 100 years of combined legal experience, the team has represented innocent victims all across the state who have suffered catastrophic injuries and have helped the families of those killed in truck accidents seek closure and compensation.

    Among the road problems noted in Cambria County are:

    • Intersections – intersections throughout the county are in disrepair and are currently undergoing major reconstructions.
    • Roadway alignments – many roads in the county need to be realigned to ensure that they conform to laws and specifications.
    • Bridge widening – many of the bridges located throughout the county are in a state of disrepair and need to be expanded and widened.
    • Turning lanes – Cambria County officials have noted that there needs to be an increased amount of turning lanes added to alleviate some of the congestion.

    There are countless reasons why a truck may be involved in an accident in Cambria County, and this only highlight some of the problems that officials are trying to solve.

    Types of Truck Accidents in Cambria County

    The above problems are some of the reasons for truck accidents. However, over the course of representing truck accident victims throughout the country and right here in Pennsylvania, the Reiff Law Firm Truck Accident Attorneys have seen all types of truck accidents including:

    There are many kinds of truck accidents and many reasons for these accidents:

    • Rollover – Trucks, tractor trailers, and other commercial vehicles can roll over when they are traveling too fast or loaded unevenly.
    • Brake Malfunction – Trucks come equipped with different brakes which are designed to help the vehicle come to a complete stop, however, there have been a series of documented air brake malfunctions which have lead to accidents.
    • Jackknife – Trucks jackknife and cause accidents. These accidents usually are the result of the driver braking too hard, which causes the trailer behind them to swing forward.
    • Tires blow out – a tire can give out or blow out at any moment cause the vehicle to lose control, or the driver to slam on their brakes and cause a jackknife accident.
    • Unsecured Cargo – Cargo and the contents of a tractor need to be carefully loaded to ensure that it stays in its proper place during transportation. However, in many cases, the cargo shifts during a trip and can even fall or tumble out of a vehicle.
    • Distracted Drivers – When a truck driver is distracted they are risking their lives and the lives of everyone around them. However, even with this responsibility distracted and drunk drivers are frequently the source of accidents.

    When any of these accidents happen we are here to help you through the process of working with insurance companies, filing lawsuits, and helping you recover your damages.

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