What to Do if You Get into an Accident with a Truck on I-95 in PA

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    I-95 is one of the major north-south thoroughfares in the United States. The length of the route runs from Miami, Florida north to Maine. The route passes through a number of states along the eastern seaboard and thereabouts including Pennsylvania.  The length of I-95 in Pennsylvania is known as the Delaware Expressway because the road enters into Pennsylvania at the Delaware state line not far from Marcus Hook New Jersey. From that point in Pennsylvania, I-95 runs northward  through the state until it reaches the Pennsylvania-New Jersey state line near Yardley, PA and the Scudder’s Falls Bridge.

    I-95 in Pennsylvania is open to mixed traffic that includes both passenger vehicles and commercial trucks.  While most vehicles are able to share the road successfully and without incident,  the simple fact of the matter is that accidents do occur.  When accidents occur and they involve large 18 wheelers, straight trucks,  and box trucks the resulting damage and injuries are often significantly more severe than an accident occurring between two passenger vehicles.

    I-95 Is a Major Thoroughfare For Trucks and Commuters

    Commercial and commuter traffic alike utilizes I-95 to access much of Southeastern Pennsylvania, stretching up into Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and into New Jersey.  To the south,  I-95 passes directly through Philadelphia passing the Philadelphia sports complex where it interchanges with Broad Street and continues to run along the Philadelphia Waterfront where access to I 76 is available. The route passes by Penn’s Landing in Center City before continuing into Northeast Philadelphia where exiting to the Betsy Ross Bridge and PA Route 73 is possible.

    The road then continues into Bucks County word provides access to the Woodhaven Road Expressway. The highway  provides access to Street Road in Bensalem and then travels into Bristol Township where drivers can access PA Route 413. Further north, drivers can access US Route 1 before the freeway travels into Lower Makefield Township.  After traveling through parts of Upper Bucks County, the road crosses the Delaware River into New Jersey. Once crossing into New Jersey, the road  continues for an eight Mile Stretch providing access to US Route 1 in Lawrenceville before branches off into I-295 that loops back southward.

    A major project is currently underway that would link I-95 with the Pennsylvania Turnpike, also known as Interstate 276. Currently, these roads do not intersect, but the construction is expected to be completed sometime between 2018 and 2020.  After construction is completed the road will become even more important and heavily traveled not only because of the link to the PA Turnpike but also because the NJ Turnpike will become accessible. This should result in an increase in both commuter and freight traffic.

    Why do Trucking Accidents Occur on I-95?

    There are a number of reasons why trucking accidents occur on I-95 despite attempts to make the road safe and accident-free.  While nearly all responsibility for safety rest with the drivers,  the simple fact is that mistakes can be made. Inexperienced drivers are the most likely to make mistakes while driving but even experienced drivers can have slip-ups that have destructive and tragic results.

    Another reason why accidents occur on I-95 is due to the significant amount of construction on the highway.  Construction has been ongoing in the Philadelphia area for years. This construction results in narrow Lanes and abrupt shifts in the flow of traffic that increase the likelihood of accidents. Unfortunately, additional construction  remains in the foreseeable future for the highway not only because of the expected connection to the Pennsylvania Turnpike but also due to the planned reconstruction of the Scudder’s Falls bridge at the northern Terminus of the highway.

    Aside from the physical characteristics of the road,  the characteristics of trucks and make them more likely to get into accidents and less likely to avoid collisions. First, the length of a truck is often up to 70 feet or more. This makes a truck more likely to be hit by another vehicle and creates blind spots for the driver. Additionally, trucks can weigh up to about 70,000 gross pounds. The length and weight of these vehicles make them less maneuverable than your average passenger car. Unfortunately, the additional mass also makes the vehicle more likely to cause significant damage to another car or truck or catastrophic injuries to a driver and other occupants

    Truck Accident Personal Injury Laws Can Fight for You After a Crash on I-95

    If a dangerous truck or a dangerous truck driver closing an accident resulting in serious injuries to you or a loved one, You may be entitled to recover significant damages.  damages may include your pain and suffering injuries medical bills damage to the car and other expenses.  contact an  aggressive and strategic truck accident personal injury lawyer  from Reiff Law Firm’s Truck Accident Team today by calling today. We offer free and confidential consultations.

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