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    The Warwick Hotel is a highly-rated establishment that offers its patrons various luxuries. However, no amount of luxury can make up for a patron suffering an injury due to the negligence of the Warwick Hotel. If you or a family member was injured while staying at the Warwick Hotel, consult with an experienced Philadelphia Warwick hotel accident lawyer today.

    No guest should have to suffer an injury at a hotel because the staff failed to operate the establishment with care. That is why the Reiff Law Firm is here to help you pursue compensation for a serious injury that affected not only your vacation or work trip but impacted various other aspects of your life. To schedule a free legal consultation, contact the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940. You can also contact the firm online.

    Common Causes of Injuries at the Warwick Hotel Philadelphia

    Even though the Warwick Hotel is a well-known and highly-rated hotel, this does not mean they are incapable of committing mistakes. As a result of these mistakes, the operators of the hotel can compromise the safety of any visitors at the hotel. The following is a list of common hotel injury claims that our firm can help you resolve.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    Slip and fall accidents may occur due to a broad range of circumstances. While it is true that some people are simply clumsy and could trip over themselves at times, however, there are many times where a slip and fall could be indicative of a failure to exercise due care. For example, a hotel that houses a pool should always be wary of puddles and wet areas that could cause a slip and fall accident if they are not promptly cleaned up.

    Other issues that may cause a slip and fall accident include:

    • Failing to properly illuminate a walkway or parking lot where many visitors will use
    • Ignoring needed repairs to sidewalks and other common areas
    • Failure to plow snow or ice surrounding the property
    • Unsafe railings or stairwells

    Pool Accidents

    Having a pool that guests can use to unwind is a major draw for guests when selecting a hotel to visit. However, a trip can easily be spoiled if the hotel does not maintain the pool properly. For example, if a hotel has a staircase that swimmers can use to exit or enter the pool, it is important to periodically check the integrity of the staircase to ensure it does not injure a swimmer because it is faulty or unstable.

    There are other circumstances where a guest can be injured when using a hotel pool, like the excessive use of chemicals or the failure to have a lifeguard for a deep pool.

    Elevator Accidents

    An elevator is necessary to accommodate guests in a multi-story hotel. Elevators also require frequent maintenance to ensure they are operating properly. However, some hotels may neglect to make needed repairs to their elevators which could lead to a serious accident if the elevator malfunctions.

    There are other scenarios where the negligence of hotel operators could result in a guest suffering a serious injury. To learn more about proving a personal injury lawsuit after a hotel accident, continue reading and speak with an experienced Philadelphia hotel injury attorney.

    Proving that Hotel Negligence Caused Your Injuries

    If you were injured because the Warwick Hotel or another hotel acted negligently, you should pursue a lawsuit to recover damages for your accident. Hotels are required to maintain their premises to ensure there are not any hazardous conditions that could injure a guest. This means that hotel operators are not just responsible for incidents that occur within the hotel or guest room; they are responsible for the safety of guests throughout the entire estate.

    To win your personal injury lawsuit against a hotel, you must prove how the hotel’s negligence caused your accident and subsequent injury. Specifically, a plaintiff must prove all the following elements:

    • The hotel (defendant) owed their guest (plaintiff) a duty of care
    • The hotel breached that duty of care
    • The injuries to the plaintiff was a result of that breach of duty
    • The plaintiff suffered an injury that can be compensated by a court

    As mentioned, there are a number of ways that an accident may occur in a hospital. A plaintiff must show that the defendant was reasonably expected to resolve the issue that caused their injury. For example, failing to clean up a major spill in an elevator for several hours would be a breach of the duty of care the hotel owes to its guests.

    If a plaintiff is successful in their claim against a hotel, they can be awarded damages for their injuries and financial losses. Damages in a personal injury lawsuit are awarded for the following:

    • Medical bills
    • Loss of wages and loss of future wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of consortium (companionship)
    • Injuries that caused permanent disfigurement or loss of limbs

    It is important to pursue your injury claim as soon as possible because personal injury lawsuits are subject to the statute of limitations. This means that a claimant only has a certain amount of time to file their case.

    Our Committed Philadelphia Warwick Hotel Injury Attorneys are Here for You

    If your work trip or vacation was cut short due to an accident at the Warwick Hotel, you should consult with an experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorney today. The committed injury attorneys at the Warwick Hotel possess decades of legal experience, and we would be honored to use our experience to fight for you. To schedule a free case evaluation, contact the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940.

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