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    Hotels work hard to create conditions that allow their guests to relax and enjoy themselves. However, mistakes are made and oversights happen. Simple, negligent actions on the part of the hotel staff can lead to lasting and consequential injuries for hotel guests.

    Guests of the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia who sustain injuries during their stay may be able to file a lawsuit against the hotel that will allow them to recover damages associated with that injury. If you were hurt while staying at the Loews Hotel, you should get in touch with the attorneys at the Reiff Law Firm as soon as possible to learn more about your options regarding a lawsuit. You can discuss it during a free consultation. Call (215) 515-3913 to learn more today.

    What to Do If You’re Injured While Staying at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia

    If you were injured while staying at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, you can file a lawsuit that will allow you to recover damages associated with your injury. Successfully filing a personal injury lawsuit against a hotel requires proving that the hotel acted in a negligent way and thereby caused your injury. In order to increase your chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit against the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, there are certain actions you should take in the aftermath of the incident. The actions you should take following an injury sustained at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia are:

    1. Get care from a medical professional immediately. If you don’t get proper treatment within a reasonable amount of time, you may hurt your chances of successfully filing your personal injury claim. Alert your medical care provider to the details surrounding your injury, including where, when, and how the injury happened.
    2. Collect evidence that relates to your injury. Go back to the place at which the injury happened and take photos. Take videos, if appropriate. Write down or make an audio recording of witness statements. Speak with employees. Take notes on all relevant details.
    3. As time goes on, record proof of the damages related to your accident. Keep copies of your medical bills and prescriptions. Record evidence of wages you lost as a result of your injury. Keep anything that proves that your life was affected by the injury you sustained while staying at the hotel.
    4. Get in touch with the manager of the Loews Hotel and file a report.

    Damages You Can Receive from a Hotel Personal Injury Case in Philadelphia

    An injury that you suffered while staying at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia may enable you to file a lawsuit against the hotel. You will be able to receive compensation for the amount of money that your injuries cost you. The following damages may be recovered for an injury sustained at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia:

    • Pain and suffering – Emotional anguish may be included in damages recovered in a personal injury lawsuit against a hotel. The severity of the injury and the medications that have been prescribed to deal with those injuries are factored into a determination of the amount of compensation that a victim will receive.
    • Permanent disfigurement – An injury that results in permanent disfigurement of the body (amputation, contortions, major scarring, loss of motor function, or other permanent alterations to the body) are a type of damage that can be compensated for via a personal injury lawsuit.
    • Medical bills – Both past and future medical bills may be included in the damages that a person receives for their injuries. Medical bills include a variety of different types of bills for medical products and services, which may include physician and hospital bills, lab fees, prescription costs, physical therapy bills, pain management treatment, or surgical costs. Medicals bills included in damages in a hotel injury lawsuit may also factor in costs that will be incurred in the future.
    • Lost wages and earnings – If your injury destroys or negatively affects your ability to work and earn an income, you may be able to claim that as a part of the damages resulting from your injury. You may be able to recover lost wages in the past as well as wages that you will be able to earn in the future.
    • Loss of consortium of companionship – This type of claim is available only to spouses and close family members of the victim of the injury. This claim allows them to be compensated for the loss of an income they depended on, as well as mental anguish and emotional distress suffered as a result of their loved one’s injury.

    Contact a Philadelphia Lawyer for Injuries at the Loews Hotel

    Anyone who has suffered injuries as a result of negligence at the Loews Hotel are advised to get in touch with the Reiff Law Firm soon. The attorneys that work for the Reiff Law Firm have decades of experience fighting for the compensation that their clients deserve. Connect with the Philadelphia hotel injury lawyers at the Reiff Law Firm by calling (215) 515-3913 and setting up your free consultation.

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