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    No hotel guest, no matter how luxe or accommodating the hotel they’re staying in may be, is free from the risk of injury during their stay. Hotels are expected to take reasonable measures to create safe conditions for all guests, otherwise their negligence can lead to injuries or worse. If a hotel fails in the fulfillment of their duty to create safe conditions, then the injured guest may be able to file a personal injury claim against the hotel.

    Anyone who has stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia and suffered an injury during their stay is encouraged to contact a personal injury attorney at the Reiff Law Firm at their earliest convenience. A personal injury attorney can assist them throughout the entirety of the process of filing a claim against the Marriott Hotel. Clients can expect to recover damages and regain peace of mind. To get in touch with an attorney at the Reiff Law Firm, call (215) 515-8351 or visit their website.

    Ways That You Can Be Injured in a Marriott Hotel

    A variety of facilities and amenities are part of what makes a stay at a hotel a special experience, but it is often these same features that make a hotel liable to injure guests. If these facilities and amenities are not maintained properly, they can cause serious injury to the same guests that are meant to enjoy them. It’s possible for guests of the Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia to suffer from the following injuries during their stay:

    Bed bugs

    Bed bugs, while seemingly a mere nuisance, can cause serious health problems, such as infections and anemia. If a hotel guest contracts bed bugs during their stay, it means that their room and the objects in it were not properly cleaned.

    Slips and falls

    Faulty handrails, torn or worn carpeting and rugs, improperly marked or poorly lit stairwells, slick surfaces and wet floors, uneven walkways, broken and unrepaired furniture, and outdoor spaces that haven’t been cleared of snow or ice in a timely manner are all factors that can lead to a slip or fall in a hotel. Slips and falls can carry severe health consequences such as damage to the spine and nerves, broken bones, sprained wrists and ankles, damage to shoulders and knees, lacerations, bruises, and traumatic brain injuries.


    It is also possible for hotel guests to suffer severe injuries in the form of burns. Scalding water in the shower or bath, heat-making appliances (hair dryers, irons, coffee makers, etc.) that malfunction, deficient fireplaces or radiators, or food that has been heated above the recommended temperature in a hotel restaurant are forms of negligence that can cause injury to hotel guests.


    Negligent security is often the cause of assault in a hotel. This can mean that hotel staff failed to fully perform their duty to maintain the security of the hotel, such as if the front desk staff did not properly screen people entering the hotel to make sure that they are guests, or if the security guards are not diligent as they guard the premises.

    Negligent security could also mean that the hotel is not maintaining proper security equipment in the hotel. This could mean that there are broken or faulty locks on rooms, inadequate lighting in common areas, or deficient or sparse security cameras. The assault of guests by hotel staff is a related but different issue. Assault that is committed by hotel staff is another form of negligence in that the hotel most likely did not perform background checks on that member of the staff.

    Food Poisoning

    Hotel restaurants, despite being places to relax and enjoy food and drinks, can cause severe food poisoning for hotel guests. If a hotel fails to properly handle a meal and causes food poisoning related to salmonella, E. coli, or norovirus, then it may be considered a case of negligence, and you may be able to file a personal injury claim.

    Malfunctioning Equipment or Facilities

    Equipment and facilities that are not properly maintained can cause serious injuries to hotel guests. An elevator or escalator that is not properly maintained can cause harm to those using it — an elevator can trap guests for extended periods of time, and escalators can leave scrapes, cuts, and burns. Swimming pools and hot tubs that are not maintained properly can also cause severe injuries. If a pool area is not guarded and someone drowns, or if the wrong chemicals are used and they burn a guest, it can be considered negligence and result in a personal injury lawsuit. Faulty or improperly maintained gyms can be a form of negligence as well.

    Contact a Marriott Hotel Injury Attorney in Philadelphia to File a Claim

    Your life doesn’t have to be defined by the injuries you sustained during your stay at a Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia. You can use the help of an attorney from the Reiff Law Firm to recover damages for your injury. Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at the Reiff Law Firm have helped clients recover damages for more than three decades. Connect with them as soon as possible; visit their website or call (215) 515-8351.

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