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    Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino is a casino and entertainment complex where patrons can play slots, participate in table games, and make wagers on harness racing. Despite the casino and entertainment complex’s name, the facility is actually located close to Philadelphia in nearby Chester, Pennsylvania. However, many Philadelphians still make the trip down to Harrah’s Casino despite the opening of the Sugar House Casino within Philadelphia in 2010.

    The vast majority of visits to the casino and racetrack occur without incident, injury, or anything other than the guest enjoying an exciting day out. However, any location where large numbers of people gather is subject to certain injury risks. The managers of the facility and event can manage and mitigate this risk by taking certain steps and measures. However, the failure to understand the circumstances present and take appropriate action can greatly increase the odds of a serious accident that produces life a life-altering injury or results in the individual’s wrongful death.

    Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

    If you have suffered a serious injury at a Philadelphia casino, like Harrah’s, the experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyers of The Reiff Law Firm can fight for you. With more than 34 years of experience, we pursue all personal injury claims aggressively and strategically. To schedule a no-cost, private legal consultation call our firm at (215) 709-6940 today.

    Why Do Casino & Racetrack Injuries Occur?

    Accidents and injuries at a casino and racetrack can occur for a variety of reasons. However the most common reason for injury is probably the slip and fall or trip and fall type of injury. This mechanism of injury can occur in a broad array of circumstances including a cracked sidewalk, a crumbling step in a stairway, debris in a walkway, a bunched up or unsecured rug, or a slippery spot created by a spilled drink. Unfortunately, slip and fall injuries are far from the only type of accident that can occur at a casino. Other types of injuries that can occur at a casino or race track include:

    • An escalator that lurches ahead unexpectedly or has other mechanical issues.
    • A defective elevator that plummets to the ground.
    • A walkway or a pathway that has insufficient lighting.
    • A bar stool, slot machine chair, or other seat that is defective or not well-maintained.
    • A sign that is improperly secured that can fall on to guests standing below.
    • Running a casino and racetrack where large fluctuations in crowds and occupancy occur regularly also requires casinos to take steps to prevent subjecting guests to an unreasonable risk of injury.

    What Should I Do If I’ve Been Seriously Hurt at a Casino in Pennsylvania?

    Individuals who have unfortunately suffered a serious injury in a Pennsylvania casino should always first concern themselves with their health and getting the medical attention they need to prevent further injury and stabilize their condition. However, once you have taken care of your medical needs you should attempt to take several steps including:

    • Make a record of the events and circumstances that caused your injury as soon as possible. If you typically keep a journal, writing about your experience can preserve your memories and can be useful to establish the facts present.
    • If witnesses were present, try to get their name and other identifying information so that you can find them should their testimony be necessary at trial or at a later date.
    • If you can, take a photo of the defective condition that caused your injury.
    • Avoid taking to the casino owner, casino representative, or the casino’s insurance company. They may pressure you to take a settlement hastily that does not cover the full value of your damages.
    • If possible, filing an accident report can provide further evidence that an injury did occur on that date.

    Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible can preserve your legal rights and protect your ability to obtain compensation for your injuries and losses.

    Rely on Our Personal Injury Experience for Casino Injuries

    If you or a loved one have experienced a serious injury at Harrah’s Philadelphia, the experienced personal injury lawyers of The Reiff Law Firm can fight for you. With more than 34 years of experience, Philadelphians and Pennsylvanians trust our personal injury attorneys when they are at their most vulnerable. To schedule a free and confidential initial consultation call (215) 709-6940 or contact us online.

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