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    Parx Casino is an entertainment facility located in Bristol, Pennsylvania. While the casino is outside of Philadelphia, it is still easily accessible by Philadelphians. Furthermore, many New Jersey residents living in the western parts of the state and not willing to make the trip out to Atlantic City are known to come visit this casino and horse racing track. The vast majority of visitors to Parx will have a safe and enjoyable day. However, as with any location where a large number of people gather, there is always the risk of serious bodily injury or wrongful death. In some cases the circumstances for injury may be created by fellow patrons of the casino. However in other cases, insufficient security, lighting, or preparations can increase the likelihood that a serious accident and injury will occur.

    The Reiff Law Firm represents patrons, guests and visitors who were seriously injured during their stay at a Pennsylvania or New Jersey casino. We are experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorneys with the knowledge and resources to aggressively & strategically pursue your claim. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident or became the victim of an assault or other criminal behavior due to inadequate security, contact us immediately to schedule a free consultation.


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    Potential Reasons for Accidents at a Casino or Racetrack Facility

    Casinos and other gaming resorts offer the public an environment to gamble and relax with friends. Unfortunately, some casinos do not maintain their property adequately. The failure to perform sufficient maintenance on the property can expose individuals coming onto the property to an unreasonable risk of serious injury or death. Potential sources of a casino injury due to insufficient maintenance includes:

    • Malfunctioning escalator
    • Uneven stairs
    • Insufficient lighting in a hallway or stairwell
    • Cracked sidewalk
    • Improperly secured sign that can swing or fall onto casino guests
    • A defective or insufficiently maintained chair or stool that is uneven or can collapse
    • A wet or slippery spot due to a spilled drink that is not cleaned-up

    In other cases, the injury may not occur due to insufficient maintenance of the premises, but due to the disregard of other foreseeable risks. For instance, a casino that holds a special event with a famous musician but fails to account for the expected large crowds may have liability for injuries that occur due to overcrowding or packing too many guests into a confined space. Likewise, a casino that fails to provide adequate lighting in its parking facilities that results in an assault, robbery, rape or other criminal act can also have liability for its failure to address the defective condition.

    What Should I Do If I Am Injured at a Casino in Pennsylvania?

    If you have suffered a serious personal injury of any type, your first concern should be stabilizing your condition or injury and, if necessary, getting the medical help you need. Even if your injuries do not seem serious immediately, you should always make a report of the injury at the time it happened should your condition deteriorate. However, once you have sought treatment and made a report of your injury, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands how casinos and their insurers approach issues of this type. Other important steps and points to keep in minds following a serious injury in a casino include:

    • Write down everything you remember about the accident as soon as possible. If you keep a regular diary, making notes of the accident now can help preserve your memories of the facts and circumstances.
    • Gather any evidence that is available and can be safely taken. Photos of defects in a sidewalk or step can be helpful as can an image of debris on the floor.
    • If witnesses are present, attempt to get their contact information.
    • Do not speak with the casino owner or their insurance company until you have secured representation. You may not understand the full extent of your injuries and damages and the other party may seek a quick settlement before you realize this. Write down the contact information of witnesses, as well as their detailed accounts of your injury accident.
    • Be sure an accident report is filed and that the report is accurate.

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    Injured at A Casino like Parx?

    Our Philadelphia casino slip and fall lawyers have a thorough understanding of the laws that govern premises liability cases. We know how to investigate and pursue your casino injury claim or lawsuit. Call The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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