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What State has the Highest Number of Truck Accidents?

In 2014, The United States Department of Transportation released data on traffic accidents that happened in 2012 involving commercial trucks. This report highlighted that tractor-trailers are involved in a high proportion of fatal accidents as compared to passenger vehicles.

Truck Accidents by the States

Commercial vehicles are prevalent in every state, every city, and almost every road. Indeed commercial drivers are pivotal to delivering the goods and products that we need. According to the report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released in May 2014 there were 333,000 traffic accidents that were reported in 2012 that involved commercial trucks However, there are certain states across the country that have more fatal truck accidents than others do.

Texas has the unfortunate distinction of having the most amount of commercial accidents that were fatal. There were a total of 543 large trucks that were involved in fatal crashes in the Lone Star State in 2012.

  • California is next on the list and had 244 large trucks that were involved in fatal crashes.
  • Florida was third in the nation with 194 large trucks that were involved in fatal crashes.
  • Pennsylvania had 175 large trucks involved in fatal crashes.
  • Georgia had 149 large trucks involved in fatal crashes
  • Ohio had 146 large trucks that were involved in fatal crashes
  • North Carolina had 132 large trucks that were involved in fatal crashes.
  • Oklahoma had 124 large trucks involved in fatal crashes
  • Illinois and Indiana rounded out the top ten with each state sharing 115 large trucks involved in fatal crashes.

You might notice that there does not seem to be any uniformity with the states with higher numbers of accidents than other states. However, many of the states that make up the top ten all share higher populations and therefore there are more commercial drivers that drive through those states. There is also a substantial and tragic range in the number of occupants of other vehicles killed ranged from none in Hawaii to 398 in Texas.

Characteristics of a Truck accident

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 81 percent of fatal crashes that involve large trucks are multiple vehicle crashes compared with 59 percent for fatal crashes involving passenger vehicles. In 45 percent of the two-vehicle crashes that were fatal, both the large truck and the other vehicle were proceeding straight at the time of the crash and had a head-on collision. In 10 percent of these crashes, the other vehicle was turning left or right. In 9 percent the truck and the other vehicle were negotiating curves. In 7 percent of the two-vehicle fatal crashes, either the truck or the other vehicle was stopped in a traffic lane (5% and 2%, respectively).

There are some other interesting characteristics that these accidents seemed to share. About one out of every four fatal truck accidents occurred on one of the interstate highways. While this may suggest that driving on an interstate is more dangerous than other roads. Consider that according to this report sixty-one percent of all the fatal crashes involving large trucks occurred in rural areas. This suggests that it is more likely that a driver is going to be involved in a fatal accident on a rural highway rather than an interstate. In addition to these elevated statistics for the road types where fatal truck accidents are likely to occur, seventy-nine percent of the fatal truck crashes occurred on weekdays. This means that there is much greater chance that there will be a fatal truck accident during the week as opposed to on the weekend. Weekend fatal truck accidents accounted for the other twenty-one percent of fatal crashes.

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