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Philadelphia Lawyer for Truck Accidents Caused by Bald Tire Blowouts

We all face risks driving through the roads of Philadelphia. However, when a tragic accident turns out to be caused by a bald tire blowout, most people can agree that the cause of the crash was an inexcusable oversight. Everyone knows that driving on worn-out tires is a dangerous move, regardless of what causes the tires to wear out. However, these accidents are not always due to a careless driver. There are tire defects and insufficient warnings regarding usage that can lead to bald tire blowouts. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can seek accountability for your losses against all responsible parties. A tire blowout typically occurs when tires quickly deflate, causing the driver to lose control. There are likely multiple reasons for the blowout, but most of the reasons relate to avoidable mistakes the culprit should be responsible for paying.

If you or someone you know is the victim of a tractor-trailer crash caused by a bald tire blowout, you should talk to a qualified attorney. The Reiff Law Firm has the resources, experience, and dedication needed to help the victims of severe bald tire blowout truck accidents. Our team of skilled attorneys can perform a complete investigation of your accident to identify all sources of recovery and help preserve and protect your rights. The stress of not knowing what the future holds can be overwhelming for you and your family. Call (215) 709-6940 to schedule a prompt, free, and confidential consultation.

How Bald Tires Cause Trucking Accidents in Philadelphia

Negligence laws protect drivers against the careless actions of others. If the cause of an accident is determined to be someone’s carelessness, you can file a lawsuit against the individuals or entities responsible for the injuries.

With ice, potholes, and rain on our roads, tires begin to wear out. However, bald tires are hard to miss. Tires are generally examined during inspections in Philadelphia. The driver usually receives a notification, and the truck doesn’t pass inspection. Also, someone who is driving a commercial truck with bald tires cannot escape the feeling that he or she is driving “on ice” or an uneven surface. If the driver continues to ride in spite of obvious dangers, you can file a lawsuit under the legal theory of negligence for the thoughtless actions of driving under such conditions. Two of the biggest tire problems drivers should be aware of:

  • Age and use of the tire
  • The miles that the tires have been driven

Moreover, when a driver causes an accident due to a bald tire blowout, it’s possible the driver will face criminal charges for reckless endangerment and reckless driving in Philadelphia. When this happens, you can file a civil lawsuit against the driver under the legal theory of “negligence per se.” In a lawsuit based on negligence per se, the information regarding the criminal charges is submitted as proof the driver who caused the accident was also criminally prosecuted for the conduct that caused the crash.

Truck Tire Manufacturer Negligence

There are situations when defective tires cause the bald blown-out tires. Some of the reasons tire flaws that can lead to early balding and blowout include:

  • Dangerous design
  • Inadequate usage warnings
  • Defects in rubber, steel, and other materials

There are various scenarios that involve tire blowouts due to defective tires, and these cases can be complicated. In some cases, the defects alone caused the blowout. In other cases, there can be a combination of factors. Speed frequently plays a role in blowout cases. There are also instances when tires are not used on the recommended type of truck or roadway.

There are multiple causes of action against the individuals or entities responsible for putting defective tires on the road. Court cases involving faulty construction can require a thorough crash site and tire analysis. These cases frequently require expert testimony. These experts will help clarify questions regarding the crash and the crash site.

Truck Tire Blowout Lawsuits in Pennsylvania

If there is an indication that the bald tire blowout problems occurred as a result of design flaws, the tires have to preserved as proof. Collecting proof can be difficult, especially when you’re seriously hurt and no one is available to help, or if it’s too dangerous to gather all pieces of blowout tires on the roads. In these situations, our attorneys work with experts who understand the complexities of examining tires and will take the steps needed to retain the appropriate experts in the field of tire analysis.

Civil lawsuits in Pennsylvania are typically filed against all individuals and/or entities responsible for the accident. Our experienced attorneys will file lawsuits against the multiple defendants responsible for your injuries. Even if you are concerned that your actions may have played a role in causing the tire blowout, you should discuss your options with a qualified attorney. In Pennsylvania, you are not precluded from filing lawsuits against other parties responsible for your losses, as long as their level of responsibility is greater than yours.

Deadline to File an Accident Injury Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

There is a time limit of two years to file a civil lawsuit for bald tire blowouts truck accidents. This time limit is known as the “statute of limitations.”

Philadelphia Bald Truck Tire Blowout Lawyers You Can Trust

The award-winning lawyers of The Reiff Law firm have a reputation for their relentless dedication to fighting for the rights of their clients. As leading figures in tire defect liability litigation in Philadelphia, the team of attorneys in The Reiff Law Firm have secured some of the largest monetary settlements against tire manufacturers. To schedule a free and confidential consultation with an experienced Philadelphia bald tire blowout attorney, call (215) 709-6940.