What is the Average Payout for Nerve Damage in Pennsylvania?

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    Nerve damage from painful injuries can cause numerous medical complications and be very expensive to treat. While the average payout for nerve damage is hard to calculate, many cases involve significant damages.

    It is difficult to assess the average payout for nerve damage injuries because each case is unique, and the payout on a case depends on many factors unique to the situation. Even so, nerve damage is often a serious injury with numerous painful complications that can affect various body parts. Numerous factors, including the extent of your injuries, medical costs, complications, and pain, might influence your total damages. How you recover compensation might also influence how much the ultimate payout is worth. Lump sum or structured settlements can help you get compensation faster than a trial, but it might be less than you deserve. A full trial can help you get paid for the full extent of your injuries and damages.

    While the average payout for nerve damage injuries might be hard to assess, our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys can help you use the factors of your case to increase your payout. For a free case review, call The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940.

    How Much Compensation Can I Get for Nerve Damage in Pennsylvania?

    Figuring out an average payout for nerve damage cases in Pennsylvania is tricky since each case is unique, and the ultimate payout is based on numerous factors. To understand how much money your nerve damage injuries might be worth in a lawsuit, you should consider the unique circumstances of your situation.

    There is no single kind of nerve damage injury. Many injuries might involve nerve damage as the main medical complaint or a secondary symptom of something larger. Even if there were two similar cases with similar nerve damage injuries, the cases might result in very different payouts.

    You must also consider whether you get compensation through a trial or a settlement. Settlements might help you get compensation faster than a trial, but they are often smaller than the payouts from trials and jury verdicts. A trial can help you get compensation for the full extent of your injuries and damages, economic and non-economic. Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers can help you file your case and begin preparing for your trial.

    Factors That Influence the Payout for Nerve Damage in Pennsylvania

    A myriad of factors and circumstances might influence your final payout from a nerve damage injury case. While the nature of your injuries and related medical expenses are significant components of your case, they are far from the only ones. Our Pennsylvania nerve damage attorneys will also consider whether your nerve damage presents any long-term complications and how much pain and suffering you endured.

    Your Injuries

    Nerve damage injuries are often worth quite a bit of money because they are often very serious. Generally, there are 3 types of nerve damage injuries. Avulsions occur when a nerve is pulled up by the roots, completely disconnecting from the body. A stretching injury might cause the nerve to stretch too far, while a rupture causes the nerve to become severed.

    In addition to this broad categorization of nerve injuries, injuries might be further classified based on their severity and effects on the body. While some nerve injuries, such as those from overstretching, might recover over time, others are permanent. Damage from a nerve ripped out from the roots is unlikely ever to recover, and the victims might live with permanent loss of sensation or mobility.

    Some nerve damage injuries are so severe that victims are rendered completely paralyzed. Many others have trouble moving limbs or experiencing certain sensations. Overall, a nerve injury can upend your life and leave you with devastating complications that deserve significant compensation.

    Medical Expenses

    Depending on your nerve damage, you might have very high medical bills. Medical bills are included in your overall economic damages, and they should include emergency treatment, medications, physical therapy, and other treatments needed for your nerve injuries.

    Since nerve damage is commonly associated with long-term complications like limited mobility, pain, or loss of sensation, long-term care and treatment are somewhat common. As such, we should account for the medical bills you have already incurred and those you will likely incur in the future. Our Bucks County personal injury lawyers can speak with your doctors about your condition to help determine your current and future medical expenses.

    Long-Term Complications

    As said, nerve damage injuries often come with severe, long-term complications. Injured victims might lose mobility in certain body parts or even experience total paralysis. Depending on the injury, a person might be paralyzed from the hips, waist, or neck down, making life very difficult. Other complications include chronic pain, loss of sensation, weakness, and more.

    Simply having a long-term complication might be enough to justify a greater payout for your case. Many complications last for months, years, or life, and plaintiffs have to adjust their way of living. If your complications constitute a disability or otherwise interfere with how you were previously living your life, your compensation should reflect this loss.

    Pain and Suffering

    Physical and emotional pain and suffering can be intense in nerve damage cases. Not only are your injuries physically painful, but living with long-term complications might be emotionally devastating. Pain and suffering are considered non-economic damages as they often do not cost plaintiffs any money. Their value is usually based on how deeply they impact the plaintiff’s daily life. Our Delaware County personal injury attorneys can help you highlight that your pain and suffering are significant and deserve significant compensation.

    Call Our Pennsylvania Nerve Damage Attorneys for Help Now

    Nerve damage can take a significant toll on your body and mind, and the compensation for such injuries can be great. Contact our Montgomery County personal injury attorneys for help assessing your damages and fighting for the full value of your damages in a trial. Call The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 for a free case review.

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