What Witness Statements Do You Need for Your Car Accident Claim in Pennsylvania?

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    Witness statements can allow victims to recover compensation following auto accidents in Pennsylvania. But what witness statements do you need, and how can you get them?

    For your car accident claim to succeed, having witness statements is important. Some of the most useful statements can come from eyewitnesses and experts. Testimony from those close to victims and therapists can help establish a victim’s need for non-financial damages. Each type of witness can provide specific insight and information that improves the chances of a victim’s recovery. Witness statements alone might not be enough to prove a driver’s fault, which is why our attorneys will use additional evidence, such as medical records, surveillance footage, police reports, and photographs, to ensure you recover the compensation you deserve following a car accident in Pennsylvania.

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    Witness Statements You Should Get for Your Car Accident Claim in Pennsylvania

    There are a few types of people you can look to who can provide statements that may strengthen your claim following a car accident in Pennsylvania. These include eyewitnesses, experts, and others, like your friends and family.

    Eyewitness Statements

    Eyewitnesses refer to individuals who were at the accident site and saw the crash take place. These witnesses may give statements that explain the cause of the accident. For example, if you were injured because a driver hit you while negligently merging into your lane, an eyewitness can likely attest to that. In the moments following an auto accident in Pennsylvania, speak with eyewitnesses. Get their names and phone numbers and inform them that our attorneys might contact them in the coming days. Law enforcement officers typically include the names of eyewitnesses in police reports, so if you were unable to speak to witnesses after a crash, our Pennsylvania car accident attorneys can refer to the police report to obtain their contact information and statements. While initially speaking with eyewitnesses to get their names is helpful, victims should allow our attorneys to handle all further communications with eyewitnesses.

    Expert Witness Statements

    Expert witnesses may offer additional context and insight that only an expert in their field can provide. The expert witness statements used in your case will likely include that of medical experts. Medical experts might be professionals who have treated your injuries directly or are otherwise familiar with injuries of your kind and the impact they have on victims. Such experts can offer statements explaining the likely toll such injuries will have on a victim’s mental and physical health. Medical experts will also explain how your specific car accident would cause your specific injuries. For example, if you were injured in a rear-end collision and sustained whiplash injuries, medical experts can attest to the fact that whiplash is a common result of such accidents.

    Law enforcement officials or others familiar with the specific aspects of your case might also give expert witness statements that are useful to your claim. For example, if the at-fault driver claimed that an engine malfunction caused the crash, an expert in that field can explain whether or not that is a possibility, especially after examining the driver’s vehicle. Without help from our Bucks County personal injury attorneys, it may be difficult for victims to contact and enlist help from experts who can strengthen their claims through statements.

    Other Witness Statements

    There are other witnesses who can provide an added layer of insight regarding your experiences in the aftermath of a car accident in Pennsylvania. These witnesses might include your friends, family, or therapist. Statements from such witnesses can reinforce your need for non-financial damages. For example, your loved ones can explain how your mental and emotional health has declined following an accident. A therapist can provide similar insight using their professional expertise and experience treating victims of such trauma. Because these witnesses can be so useful to a compensation claim following an auto accident, it is important for victims to confide in close friends and family and seek help from a mental health professional as necessary.

    What if a Defendant Uses Witness Statements in Your Pennsylvania Car Accident Claim?

    Just as witness statements can help your claim, they can also help a defendant evade liability for an accident in Pennsylvania. Because of this, our attorneys will aim to present evidence of fault in addition to witness statements.

    It is par for the course that a defendant will use statements from witnesses in an attempt to skirt responsibility for your damages. While statements from eyewitnesses may not help a defendant, a defendant might find experts who are willing to help their cause. Although victims generally have the upper hand in this area, it is important to anticipate a defendant’s use of witness statements and submit additional evidence of their fault.

    Because of this, our attorneys will not stop at sourcing witness statements. We will investigate your case to uncover further evidence of negligence, such as security camera footage and photos from the scene. We will also submit your medical records that prove the severity of your injuries and their likely cause. In Pennsylvania, conclusions or opinions made in police reports are also admissible evidence in car accident claims, which typically bodes well for victims. Building a strong case supported by ample evidence of fault can allow victims to recover full compensation for all of their losses. In addition to presenting evidence of fault, victims must also provide proof of their damages. This includes medical bills, records of lost wages, and proof of any other out-of-pocket expenses incurred because of a car accident in Pennsylvania.

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