What State Has the Highest Percentage of Deadly Truck Accidents?

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    Trucks are on the road in every state including Alaska and Hawaii. While these vehicles are important to our economy and bring us the goods and products that we need, in many cases, they can cause deadly accidents. Some states have a better reputation for truck accidents, which is the result of a variety of factors. However, which state is the most dangerous for truckers and those who share the road with them?

    Texas holds Highest Percentage of Deadly Truck Accidents

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    Out of all the states in the United States, Texas holds the distinction of having the most deadly truck accidents. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHSTA) Texas claims the greatest percentage of deadly accidents. A 2014 research report listed Texas as the only state in the nation with a double-digit percentage for deadly vehicle crashes, and the Lone Star State accounts for 14.1 percent of all deadly truck accidents throughout the United States.  In 2014, there were a reported 3,538 fatal injuries, which occurred in vehicles throughout Texas, and out of this number 553 or 15.6 percent involved large trucks. According to reports released by NHTSA, 3,903 traffic deaths involving large trucks occurred in 2014. Nearly 75% of those who died in these accidents were occupants of vehicles other than trucks, and an additional 10% were pedestrians or cyclists. When a big rig barrels into a car, the chances of its passengers sustaining catastrophic or fatal injuries are high due to the dramatic size difference. Whether you are the victim of a truck accident or the family member of a loved one who tragically passed away in this way, you have the right to seek compensation and justice.

    Sadly,  the number of fatal accidents has not been decreasing, but rather it has been increasing.  From 2013 to 2014 there was a seventeen percent increase in fatal accidents across the country, which is roughly around 16,000 people who were injured from truck accidents. Among other reasons, a lack of stricter safety regulations has been cited as a reason for the increase. In addition, the online shopping markets continual growth has been a major contributing factor. Online retailers such as Amazon and Ebay have helped increase the trucking industry to a 700 billion dollar industry. While these companies are not the cause of the accidents, as they do not generally exert control over the drivers, their increased reliance on delivery companies and large commercial vehicles has lead to a general increase in accidents.

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    Recent Texas Accident Highlights Dangers

    On August 22, 2016, a tractor-trailer that was carrying Takata Airbag materials was involved in a devastating crash. The driver of the tractor-trailer took a curve on the road too aggressively and crashed into a nearby house. Unfortunately, this tractor was carrying air bag propellant material as well as airbag detonators and blasting agents. The crash resulted in a massive explosion, which unfortunately took the life of one woman, and caused damage to ten nearby houses.  The force of this explosion was so great that there were reports that debris and rubble were found almost a mile from the scene of the accident.

    Have you been injured in a Truck Accident?

    If you or someone you love has been injured or has lost their life because of a fatal truck accident, then do not hesitate to contact an experienced lawyer who may be able to help you recover for your injuries and losses. Contact our Philadelphia truck accident lawyers today to see how we can make our experience and expertise work for you. You only pay if we win and there’s a financial recovery. Call (215) 709-6940 or email us.

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