An Amazon Driver Hit My Car in Pennsylvania is There Anything I Can Do?
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    An Amazon Driver Hit My Car in Pennsylvania is There Anything I Can Do?

    Amazon drivers often rush to accomplish increasingly tight deadlines for delivering packages. As a result, a delivery driver may fail to adhere to traffic laws, which could easily lead to a serious car accident. If a negligent Amazon delivery driver injured you or a family member, consult with an experienced Philadelphia Amazon truck accident lawyer. If your vehicle was struck by a negligent Amazon delivery driver, you may have options to pursue compensation. The Reiff Law Firm is here to explain the actions a victim can take after their vehicle is hit by an Amazon driver.

    Guide for Accidents with an Amazon Delivery Driver in PA

    If your vehicle was damaged due to the actions of a negligent Amazon delivery driver, you are not without options to pursue compensation for your injuries. To make it easier to pursue a claim against the driver or Amazon directly, you should take the following steps after your wreck and seek help from a Philadelphia car accident lawyer.

    Contact Law Enforcement

    After getting yourself to safety, you should contact law enforcement to assess the scene of the accident. The police can provide you with a report that can later help when you are reporting the accident. Additionally, if you, a passenger in your vehicle, or another involved party was injured, you should also call for an ambulance.

    Exchange Information from the Delivery Driver

    Your next task should be to exchange information with the driver that is relevant to the accident. This information should include:

    • The name and contact information of the driver
    • The license plate and make and model of the delivery vehicle
    • The insurance carrier used by the driver and whether they have an additional policy provided by Amazon

    It is also important to ask whether the driver was on-duty or off-duty at the time of the accident. The answer to this question can substantially impact whether Amazon could be held liable for the accident. If the delivery driver is hesitant to answer this question, you should speak with law enforcement about the situation.

    Document Evidence of the Crash

    At this point, you should collect evidence regarding the accident. For example, if you were injured in the crash, you should take pictures of the injuries you suffered. Other valuable evidence includes:

    • The date, time, and location of the accident (i.e., intersection or road)
    • The weather at the time of the accident
    • Photos of the damage to your vehicle and the delivery driver’s vehicle
    • Any important details about the crash (e.g., the delivery driver ran a red light)

    If any witnesses observed the accident, you should also reach out to them for a statement. If a witness is willing to provide you with a statement, you should take down their name and contact information.

    Seek Medical Attention

    If you were in the vehicle when it was struck, you should consider receiving medical treatment, especially if you were hit by a large truck, and should contact a Philadelphia head-on truck accident lawyer. Commercial trucks have the potential to severely injure a person during a crash, often causing injuries like broken bones and head injuries. In these cases you may want to consult a Philadelphia broken bone attorney.

    Pursuing medical treatment can also provide you with documentation of your injuries that you may need when filing a claim against Amazon or their delivery driver.

    Report the Accident

    You should not only report this accident to your insurance carrier, but you should also report the crash to Amazon. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, your insurance may reimburse you for the accident or pursue the insurance of the delivery driver.

    Note, however, that Amazon typically hires drivers as independent contractors, which can make it difficult to pursue compensation against the company. Our Lancaster car accident lawyer can help you determine your options when it comes to liability for an accident with a delivery vehicle.

    Liability for an Amazon Delivery Car Accident

    Liability for an accident with an Amazon delivery driver will depend upon the circumstances of the accident. Amazon employs independent contractors to deliver all of their packages. Independent contractors are used so that Amazon can claim that they do not have control over their actions while they are delivering packages. Using this defense may help them avoid vicarious liability.

    However, there is some evidence that may show that Amazon has more control than they might admit. According to a report by CBS, Amazon has broad control over the routes independent contractors use and may even communicate in real-time with drivers regarding routes.

    Additionally, if a driver is operating as a “delivery partner” for Amazon Flex, they are covered under Amazon’s insurance policy while they are on the job. This could allow a victim to make a successful claim for damages against the company. A Pennsylvania Amazon flex delivery accident lawyer could give more insights as to how flex delivery wrecks may differ.

    If an Amazon driver causes an accident while they are off-duty, the company may refuse to take liability for the accident. As a result, a victim may have to pursue compensation from the negligent delivery driver. This could be troublesome if a victim suffered extensive injuries that the driver’s insurance policy is not equipped to compensate.

    What if an Amazon “Flex” Driver Caused Your Accident?

    Similar to companies like Uber and Lyft, Amazon has now permitted drivers to use personal vehicles to deliver packages. While this is an opportunity for many to earn additional income, there is also an increased risk of car accidents as many delivery drivers struggle to meet tight deadlines. If an Amazon Flex driver injured you or a family member, contact an experienced Pennsylvania Amazon Flex delivery accident lawyer.

    According to a report by CBS News, more than 60 car accidents resulting in serious injury and death have been caused by Amazon delivery drivers. At the height of the holiday season, Amazon has estimated that it will have approximately 50,000 drivers on the road. With the introduction of Amazon Flex, that number is likely set to rise dramatically.

    Amazon Flex is a relatively new program by Amazon that allows people to be employed as “delivery partners” to deliver packages for the company. To be a delivery partner with Amazon, a person must meet the following criteria:

    • Age 21 or older with a valid driver’s license
    • Have a capable vehicle
    • Valid car insurance

    Once a person has met these qualifications and has been accepted as a delivery partner, they will be able to begin delivering a variety of packages from Amazon. However, with likely dozens of packages to deliver throughout their area, a driver may struggle to meet the demands of the job. As a result, they may speed excessively and break many other traffic laws.

    While Amazon denies that delivery drivers are pushed to meet stringent deadlines, some employees have voiced their concerns about not having enough time even to stop to use the restroom while on a delivery route. This added stress could easily lead to drivers making mistakes or acting erratically on the road.

    To learn more about the insurance coverage offered to Amazon Flex drivers, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced Philadelphia Amazon delivery accident attorney.

    Pennsylvania Accidents Covered by Amazon Flex Insurance

    Amazon offers delivery partners insurance coverage in addition to their personal coverage. Specifically, Amazon Flex drivers have policies that cover:

    • Auto liability coverage up to $1,000,000
    • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage up to $1,000,000
    • Contingent comprehensive and collision coverage up to $50,000 (with a $1,000 deductible)

    Note, however, that a Flex delivery driver must maintain the minimum insurance coverage on their vehicle in accordance with the laws of their state. In Pennsylvania, that means that each driver must have insurance that covers at least:

    • $15,000 per person in injuries
    • $30,000 per accident in injuries
    • $5,000 in no-fault insurance

    Additionally, an Amazon Flex driver may have to disclose to their insurance company whether they intend to use their vehicle for commercial purposes. If a driver is untruthful and causes an accident while working for Amazon, their policy is at risk of being voided. If a driver must use commercial insurance for their vehicle but fail to acquire it, this would make them personally liable for an accident.

    Amazon has adopted policies similar to Uber and Lyft when it comes to insurance coverage for a car accident. Specifically, accidents are categorized into crashes that happen while off-duty or accidents that happen within the scope of employment.

    As you may have guessed, Amazon will attempt to avoid liability for any accidents that occur while a driver is off the clock. This means that a victim of a delivery accident will have to pursue compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance or from the driver directly with a lawsuit.

    Alternatively, accidents that occur under the following circumstances are covered under Amazon Flex:

    • Accidents that happen when a driver is collecting packages from an Amazon facility
    • Accidents occurring while a driver is transporting or delivering packages
    • Accidents that happen when a driver is returning undelivered packages to an Amazon facility

    It is important to note that if an Amazon Flex delivery driver is delivering packages with a friend, this can also affect the insurance coverage provided for an accident. For example, if the delivery driver’s friend is operating the vehicle, and they cause an accident, Amazon will not reimburse the driver or the victim for the accident.

    If you are unsure about whether you should pursue a delivery driver or Amazon after a car accident, you should speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. It is important to report the accident to Amazon immediately to ensure that your claim for damages is not affected.

    Our firm can guide you through the process of pursuing compensation against Amazon or a negligent delivery driver. Whether you need help filing an accident report or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, we are ready to assist you.

    Our Committed Pennsylvania Amazon Car Accident Attorneys are Here for You

    If you were the victim of a severe injury due to the actions of an Amazon delivery driver, you should contact an experienced Philadelphia Amazon van accident attorney. The Reiff Law Firm is committed to fighting for residents of Pennsylvania that were injured due to the actions of a negligent delivery driver. You do not have to fight your case alone. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your claim, contact the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940. You may also contact us online.

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