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    Floor collapses are unexpected and dangerous events that could cause a person a life-threatening injury. A property owner has a duty to ensure their property is safe for any visitors they might invite onto their land. Unfortunately, some property owners will neglect to periodically maintain the structural integrity of their home, which can lead to a floor collapse. If you or a family member was seriously injured because of a floor collapse, you should contact an experienced Philadelphia floor collapse injury attorney.

    The injury attorneys at The Reiff Law Firm believe that you should not be left with the consequences of a serious injury due to the negligence of a property owner. We will help you investigate your claim and determine who is liable to for your injuries after being hurt by a floor collapse. To schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your potential case, call The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940, or contact us online.

    5 Common Injuries Caused by a Floor Collapse

    If you manage to escape from a floor collapse unscathed, you should count yourself lucky. Many floor collapse injuries lead to a victim suffering painful and long-term injuries. For example, it is possible a suffer a serious head injury while falling through a floor. The following is a list of common injuries that are caused by a floor collapse.

    Broken Bones

    A bone fracture is a common injury to expect if a person falls from a certain height. Broken bones are more likely in floor collapses than other types of falls because of the risk of landing on debris or other people. If you do not expect a floor to collapse, you may be unable to attempt to shield yourself from a fall.

    You should also be aware that falls that can also cause strain and sprain injuries, especially in a person’s ankle.

    Crushing Injuries

    Crushing injuries occur when a person or one of their extremities become pinned or trapped by a heavy object. If a person happens to be under a floor when it collapses, they are likely going to sustain a crushing injury. These injuries can also happen during a floor collapse if one or more people end up landing on another person.

    A serious crushing injury could cause a person to have a limb or another portion of their body amputated.

    Cuts and Lacerations

    There are various kinds of material used in the construction of a floor. If a floor collapses, it is possible that this material will break apart and cause serious lacerations. Deep puncture wounds are another common occurrence when a floor caves in.

    Head Injuries

    Head or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are another possible outcome of a floor collapse. If you hit your head after falling through an unstable floor, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. If left untreated, TBIs can cause a person to suffer from a loss of sensation and even paralysis.

    Spinal Injuries

    Spinal injuries are just as dangerous as TBIs because they may also cause a person to suffer from paralysis. With all the wood and debris that are present when a floor collapses, it is easy to suffer a back or spinal injury.

    This is not a complete list. If you experienced another type of injury not listed above, you should discuss it with our Philadelphia injury lawyers.

    Who is Liable for a Floor Collapse Accident?

    If you were seriously injured in a floor collapse, you want to know who is responsible for your injuries. Property owners have a duty to correct any dangerous conditions that are present on their land, or to at least warn visitors of the danger. For example, if a homeowner is aware that they have a termite infestation that may have affected vital support beams, they need to correct the issue.

    There are various signs that a floor is beginning to lose its structural integrity. One sign of a possible floor collapse is standing on a floor that slightly bounces like a trampoline. These signs can help you prove whether a property owner knew or should have known about the condition of their property.

    If you are injured due to a floor collapse at a residential home, it is likely the homeowner will be liable. However, if you are injured in an apartment complex or retail store, there may be multiple parties that can be held accountable for your injuries. An experienced attorney can help you discover who is to blame for the injuries you sustained in a floor collapse.

    Our Philadelphia Floor Collapse Lawyers are Prepared to Represent You

    If you or a family member was hurt after being involved in a floor collapse, you should consult with an experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer. At The Reiff Law Firm, our dedicated legal team possesses over 40 years of combined legal experience that we will proudly utilize to represent you. Injuries from a floor collapse can be long-term or even permanent, so it is important to pursue the legal compensation needed to deal with your injuries. To schedule a free legal consultation, call The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940, or contact us online.

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