When Can the Truck Driver Sue for a 18-Wheeler Accident?
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    When Can the Truck Driver Sue for a 18-Wheeler Accident?

    In some commercial trucking accidents, the driver is not the one to blame – he or she is another victim of the trucking industry.  Driving a truck is difficult work, with long hours and a high risk of injury if you are involved in a crash.  Truck drivers haul heavy and sometimes hazardous cargo.  They’re away from their families for weeks at a time, and put in long hours under the pressure to meet deadlines.  When they become seriously injured, it can mean the end of their career.

    Workers’ compensation provides some coverage for truck drivers who are injured at work, but the laws of workers’ compensation prevent drivers from suing their employers.  Plus, workers’ comp does not help when you are a contractor.  Instead, you should turn to an experienced truck accident lawyer.

    When Trucking Companies Are At Fault

    Many of the issues and dangers with the trucking industry are due to what the trucking company does – not its drivers.  Drivers are there to do a job and want to do it right.  Trucking companies sometimes cut corners and abuse their workers for the sake of increased profits.

    Even worse, when a trucking company breaks the rules, it is usually the truck driver who is at risk.  If the trucking company can place all the blame on its driver and claim that the driver was acting outside the scope of his or her job, they might get away with their bad actions.

    If you are a truck driver injured in a crash, you might be able to make a claim against your employer, the trucking company.  While you and your employer might get sued together for the other driver’s injuries, you might be able to file your own claim against your boss for putting your safety at risk by breaking rules or failing to properly maintain your truck.

    If your employer was involved in any of these issues, you may have a case against them in the event of an accident:

    • You felt pressure from the trucking company to violate speed limits or hours of service regulations to make deliveries on time.
    • You were injured by your cargo.
    • Your employer did not inform you about faulty or dangerous parts of the truck, e.g. defective brakes.
    • Your truck was poorly repaired, and unsafe to drive.
    • Your employer broke safety guidelines.
    • Your employer skipped routine maintenance.

    If your trucking company hid any of these things from you, or otherwise put you at risk, you are a victim and deserve representation.

    “They were realistic with us and always gave us a straight answer.  The Reiff Law Firm always encouraged us, gave us a great outlook on the outcome.  They never discouraged us.”

    Truck Crashes with Other Truckers

    If you’re a truck driver, and you have been injured in an accident with another commercial truck driver, you are not alone.  Most our or cases revolve around drivers who have been injured by negligent and dangerous truck drivers.  We do not care if you were victimized while driving a passenger vehicle or another truck – we are here to represent drivers against bad truck drivers.

    Most truck drivers – especially responsible owner-operators – follow the Hours of Service rules, get their trucks properly maintained, and obey all weight limits.  When big truck companies act irresponsibly, or send their drivers out under dangerous conditions, it puts other drivers like you at risk.  Those trucking companies and their dangerous drivers can both be held responsible for any injuries you sustain.

    While workers’ compensation can handle injuries you sustain on the job, it might not be enough.  If you hire a lawyer to go after the other truck driver and his employer, you can get compensation for pain and suffering, any medical bills related to the injury, and any wages you lose while you recover.  Workers’ comp can only get you 2/3 your normal wage and will only pay for doctors your employer chooses.  Besides, owner-operators and contract workers might not have workers’ comp – they cannot recover without taking the other parties to court.

    Call Our Truck Accident Lawyers Today for a Free Consultation

    Whether you are the driver of a passenger vehicle, a delivery truck, or you are another commercial truck driver, we want to represent you in your case against Big Trucking.  You do not need to worry about loyalty to your fellow truck drivers – if they hurt you, they deserve to be held responsible for it.

    Truck drivers have rights, and are entitled to fight when those rights are violated.  The Reiff Law Firm has nearly four decades of experience battling for victims’ rights in trucking accidents.  Our attorneys know how the trucking industry works, and want to protect drivers who fall victim to Big Trucking.  If you have been injured, contact the Reiff Law Firm’s truck accident lawyers today at (215) 709-6940, or contact us online.

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