What to Do if You’re a Passenger in a Bus Accident in Pennsylvania

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    In the event that you are injured as a bus passenger in Pennsylvania, you can recover compensatory damages to help you heal from your injuries.

    If you’re a passenger in a bus accident in Pennsylvania, get to safety as soon as possible. Then, talk to other victims and get their names and phone numbers. Before you leave the bus accident site, talk to the police so that your name is included as one of the victims in the police report. Then, take pictures and go to the hospital so that you can start getting treated for your injuries. After you do that, you can file a claim. Depending on the type of bus you were injured on, you might have between six months and two years to bring a case for compensation in Pennsylvania.

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    What Should I Do if I’m Injured in a Bus Accident as a Passenger in Pennsylvania?

    Navigating a bus accident claim in Pennsylvania can be challenging, especially if you are doing so while recovering from serious injuries. If you require compensatory damages because you were injured as a bus passenger in Pennsylvania, there are certain things you should do immediately and in the following days and weeks.

    Get to Safety

    First thing’s first, get to safety. Bus accidents can be incredibly catastrophic, and considerable debris or wreckage might prevent victims from getting outside of the vehicle. If you are able to move, do so safely. If you cannot move because of your injuries or because you are stuck, wait for emergency personnel to assist you. Do not try to move other victims who are injured, as doing so might cause you to unintentionally hurt them further. If you can remove yourself from the bus, get to a safe location that is close enough to the site but is far from moving traffic and does not put you in danger of moving traffic.

    Talk to Other Victims

    If you were hurt as a passenger in a bus accident in Pennsylvania, chances are that your fellow passengers were injured as well. If you are able to speak to other victims, do so. You do not need to confer about the details of the accident. Still, it is wise to get other victims’ contact information so that our Gladwyne, PA bus accident lawyers can reach out to them in the future to get their statements. If there were other witnesses to the bus accident, speak to them as well so that you can have their contact information if we need to contact them about helping your case.

    Talk to the Police

    The fallout from bus accidents is typically chaotic, and many victims might be involved. Because of this, it is important that you ensure that your name is included as one of the victims in the police report for the accident. Bus accidents are not like typical passenger car accidents in that police officers cannot easily speak to all involved parties at the same time. The aftermath of a bus accident might include tens of people waiting to talk to police officers. Understand the significance of being included in the police report, and do not leave the accident location until you have given your statement to law enforcement officials in Pennsylvania.

    Take Pictures

    Any evidence you can gather to immediately start building your case can be helpful. If you can, take photos of the aftermath of a bus accident in Pennsylvania, including your injuries. As a passenger, you might have a perspective that others do not and may be able to take photographs of the debris inside of the vehicle, as well as the damage to the exterior.

    Go to the Hospital

    Any time you are hurt because of another party’s negligence going to the hospital is of the utmost importance. This becomes even more necessary if you are the victim of a bus accident, as you might ultimately be suing a parent busing company as well as a negligent driver. Once you have completed the necessary tasks at the accident scene, go to the hospital. Explain to the doctors how you sustained your injuries so that the cause is included in your medical records. Then, continue getting medical attention, including any surgeries or physical therapy advised by doctors, so that you build a significant amount of medical evidence in support of your future claim in Pennsylvania.

    File a Claim

    As a passenger of a bus injured in an accident, you have the right to compensation in Pennsylvania. Who you sue will depend on several factors. First, identify which bus you were injured on. For example, if you were hurt while riding SEPTA, you can sue SEPTA directly and will be inhibited by any sovereign immunity laws or any other restrictions for claims against the government. While SEPTA is a public transit system, it is also a private company. The same rule applies if you were injured while riding on a private charter bus. In either circumstance, you will have two years to sue in Pennsylvania.

    If you were hurt while riding a bus that is run by a local government in Pennsylvania, you will have to submit a written notice of your intent to file a claim within six months of your accident. That is because claims against local governments in Pennsylvania are held to a stricter filing deadline than claims against private individuals or companies. If you do not file a notice of a claim before the deadline, you might be barred from recovery, which is why acting quickly following a bus accident is paramount.

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