Can You Get a Second Medical Opinion on a Personal Injury in Pennsylvania?

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    If you have been injured in an accident, such as an automobile or truck collision, slip and fall, or any other type of incident, you could require medical treatment. Depending on the severity of your injuries, your treatment could range from a check-up by your doctor to an extended hospital stay following surgery. No matter the type and severity of your injury, you are entitled to receive a second medical opinion. A second opinion could be especially helpful if you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Below, our Philadelphia personal injury attorney at the Reiff Law Firm explains the importance of seeking additional medical opinions.

    Reasons for a Second Medical Opinion After Being Injured in an Accident in Pennsylvania

    If you are injured in an accident, the idea of seeking immediate medical attention might appear straightforward. However, this is not always the case for every injured individual. Whether you visit an urgent care facility or make an appointment with your regular doctor, there are times where the initial examination does not paint the full picture. Many types of injuries will develop over time. While attempting to treat your obvious injuries after an accident, a doctor could still miss some underlying health issues or simply miss an injury that is not readily apparent.

    Not all doctors agree on the type of treatment an injury requires. If you were diagnosed with a medical condition during a routine examination, you would probably want to get a second medical opinion to ensure you understood your situation. Typically, people will seek another opinion to either confirm the initial diagnosis or to be offered different treatment options. You should do the same with an injury sustained in an accident.

    In some cases, your doctor might lack experience regarding your type of injury. By having a more seasoned physician conduct an examination, it could reveal additional health concerns that were misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. In other situations, especially when the injuries are severe, the initial examination and diagnosis could be focused on the most severe bodily damage, while less significant harm goes unnoticed. Getting a second medical opinion could potentially save you from unnecessary suffering if the injury was misdiagnosed.

    Additionally, you want to be absolutely sure of the severity of your injuries. When our office is calculating your medical expenses for a personal injury claim, we need to have an accurate assessment of your medical condition and treatment. Without understanding the full extent of your injuries, it would be impossible to evaluate your personal injury claim.

    The last thing you want to do is to rely on a misdiagnosis. A second opinion will help ensure that you do not accept a settlement offer that fails to cover the real cost of your medical expenses. Also, it is essential to have the most thorough understanding of your injuries and your prognosis for recovery if our Pennsylvania personal injury attorney takes your case to trial.

    Personal Injury Lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Second Medical Opinions.

    After an accident, you could rely on your initial treating physician and their prescribed treatment. Our office will work with your healthcare providers to document your injuries to provide evidence to take your case to trial. In many cases, your physician’s testimony will be critical evidence presented to the jury or judge to demonstrate the severity of your injuries.

    However, when you file a personal injury lawsuit, you want to make sure you have all the documentation and evidence possible to support your claim. Often, getting a second medical opinion could strengthen your claim. Supplementary medical testimony that further establishes the seriousness of your injury could present a compelling story to the jury. Additionally, a second opinion could show that your health issues are as extensive as alleged. In cases where there is a battle between competing medical experts, having a supporting second opinion could be a vital element in obtaining a favorable outcome. The argument our Pennsylvania personal injury attorney will make could be bolstered by the corroborating medical evidence.

    Increasing Damages in a Personal Injury Lawsuit by Seeking a Second Opinion in Pennsylvania

    If you were injured because of the negligence of another person, you are entitled to seek monetary damages through a personal injury lawsuit. Part of your potential recovery is compensation for your medical expenses. These expenses include your initial treatment, medication, and any physical therapy on ongoing healthcare you might require.

    When preparing your case, our Montgomery County personal injury attorney must know the full potential cost of your recovery and rehabilitation. Because your condition could change between the time of the initial accident and when your case goes to trial, you might require a second medical opinion. By receiving a second opinion, an injured victim could ensure that their recovery is proceeding as it should and that no other adverse medical complications have appeared. If there is a significant change in your medical condition and treatment, you want to be compensated appropriately.

    Contact Our Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney to Discuss a Second Medical Opinion Before Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

    If you are injured in an accident, you might seek immediate medical attention by visiting a hospital emergency room or by making an appointment with your doctor. As with any other medical condition, it is often prudent to obtain a second opinion regarding your injury. A second opinion is important not only for your health and wellbeing, but it could also be an essential part of a successful personal injury lawsuit. Contact our experienced Pennsylvania personal attorney to discuss the reasons why you should consider a second medical opinion. Call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940 to schedule a free consultation.

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