How Do I Increase My Car Accident Settlement in Pennsylvania?

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    If you are injured in a car accident in Pennsylvania and it is the fault of another driver, you have every right to pursue monetary compensation for your injuries and property damage. There are typically two ways to recover damages after a car accident – through an insurance settlement or by filing a personal injury lawsuit. To increase the amount of your settlement, you need our experienced Philadelphia car accident attorney representing your interests. The Reiff Law Firm has been handling complicated personal injury claims for decades. Below, we review steps you can take to increase your compensation after a car accident.

    Gathering Evidence to Prove High Damages in a Pennsylvania Car Accident Case

    If you are injured in a car crash, you want to retain our Pennsylvania car accident attorney immediately. Getting the maximum value out of your lawsuit takes time and planning. There are also valuable pieces of evidence that could disappear. Many stretches of road and highway have surveillance cameras covering them. Unfortunately, the footage in these cameras is not retained forever. Sometimes, they could be deleted in 30 days or a week. If you wait to begin thinking seriously about a lawsuit, critical video that shows exactly what happened could be lost.

    While police reports are important, they rarely tell the entire story. If there were witnesses present at the accident, it is better to question them sooner than later. As time passes, memories fade or become less clear. By gathering a witness statement shortly after the incident, our office will have sworn testimony that could be relied on at trial.

    Road conditions often contribute to an accident. By taking photographs relatively soon after a crash occurs, the less chance there is of any significant changes in the state of the road.

    The damage that each vehicle in the accident sustained could be valuable in determining the cause. If you wait too long, cars could be repaired or destroyed. Proving liability is vital in increasing your settlement amount and if any evidence is allowed to spoil, the chances of a successful lawsuit decrease.

    Linking Damages to Injuries in Pennsylvania Car Accident Cases

    A personal injury lawsuit needs an injury. If you were in a car accident but were not hurt, then you probably do not have the grounds to file a personal injury claim. However, a major factor in determining a settlement amount or jury award is the severity of your injuries. Therefore, it is essential to not only seek medical treatment, you also need to document your injuries.

    Your doctor will not only treat and document your injuries, they could also provide a medical opinion on how severe the injury is and how long it will take to recover fully. Photographs of your injuries, before and after treatment, are also compelling and persuasive pieces of evidence. This is especially the case in situations where surgery was required.

    Linking your injuries to the accident is a critical element in a lawsuit and in determining damages. Therefore, you do not want to delay seeking medical attention after an accident. Should you wait a few days or weeks, an experienced defense attorney will argue that your injuries were not a result of the accident. Because the severity of harm you suffered might not be radially apparent, you should also see a doctor after an accident if you are feeling fine.

    Calculating and Increasing Economic and Noneconomic Damages After a Pennsylvania Car Accident Case

    To fully recover for all your damages after a car accident, it is crucial to understand what types of damages are available. There might be a wider variety of compensation arising from a personal injury lawsuit than you realize.

    Most people understand that you can recover for medical expenses related to your injury and any property damage that might have occurred. However, you can also recover for parking costs associated with medical care. Additionally, you could be compensated for future medical expenses, including additional surgeries or physical therapy. You are entitled to recover not only past lost wages but also the future income you will have lost due to your injury. Our Montgomery County car accident attorney will thoroughly document your economic damages when determining an amount to request.

    You are also entitled to non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. While these damages are more challenging to quantify, they could make up a substantial percentage of your total award. Our law office will assist you in gathering evidence to establish the severity of physical pain and mental anguish you have endured, including depression, anxiety, and loss of enjoyment of life. Your potential compensation will increase depending on the quality of evidence presented.

    Things That Could Decrease Your Pennsylvania Personal Injury Settlement Amount

    While there are things that will increase your potential compensation award, there are actions you could take that will decrease your recovery.

    As stated above, delaying medical attention could not only decrease your potential compensation; it could jeopardize your entire case. You should not put photographs of yourself on social media engaging in physical activities. If your actions provide the defense a means to question or discredit your injury, the chances of prevailing in a personal injury lawsuit decrease. If you have any questions, contact our Pennsylvania car accident attorney.

    Call Our Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney to Learn How to Increase Your Injury Settlement

    No one wants to be hurt in a car accident. However, if you do suffer a severe injury in a car crash, you will want our aggressive and experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer working on your case. The attorneys and staff of the Reiff Law Firm have been handling complex personal injury litigation for decades. To schedule a free consultation to review your settlement offer, call (215) 709-6940.

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