Dump Truck Causes 10-Vehicle Accident on Route 1 in York, Maine

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    Four people were sent to the hospital after ten vehicles were involved in an accident on Route 1 in York, Maine when a dump truck reportedly tipped on its side. The dump truck was traveling southbound near Spur Road when it swerved to avoid a vehicle in the middle of the intersection and turned on its side, spilling the dirt it was carrying into the road.

    Dump Truck Tips, Spills Dirt Across Highway

    truck accident

    Because the dump truck swerved to avoid hitting a vehicle that was in the middle of the intersection, the vehicle veered into the northbound lane where it struck multiple cars and a motorcycle. The accident was quoted as being “one of the largest accidents we’ve seen in York,” by Police Chief Douglas Bracy.

    Overall, there were at least 14 people who were involved in the accident whether as drivers or as passengers. Four of the people involved in the accident were transported to the nearest local hospital. While each person’s exact condition was not reported at the time, it was noted that all who were involved in the accident, including those who were transported to the hospital, were conscious and alert after the accident.

    According to reports, not only were there significant structural damages to the cars that were involved, but there was also a significant cleanup effort to clean the dirt that had spilled from the dump truck. This accident highlights one of the leading causes of truck accidents: poor maneuverability.

    Poor Maneuverability leads to Truck Accidents

    Large trucks of all kinds, including dump trucks, continue to be a fixture on American roadways. However, these vehicles present a safety problem to many drivers due to their exceedingly large size, poor maneuverability, large blind spots, and because of the nature of the cargo that they carry.  As was the case here, when there is an accident involving any large truck, there is an increased chance that there will be injuries and multiple cars involved. While the drivers, in this case, may not have been able to avoid the accident, there are several tactics you can take as a driver to avoid accidents while on the road.

    Avoid driving in a truck’s blind spot — All vehicles have something known as a blind spot, which is an area where the driver cannot see other vehicles on the road. However, in the case of a tractor-trailer or other large commercial vehicle, these blind spots are much larger than they would be in a standard vehicle. If you are driving in one of the truck’s blind spots, you run the risk of being in an accident merely because the driver cannot see you. A general rule of thumb on the road is that if you cannot see the truck’s side view mirrors, then they cannot see you.  It is recommended that drivers do not remain on the side of a truck for an extended period of time because the driver will be unable to see you. It is also recommended that you always pass a truck on the left-hand side.

    Do not tailgate — When you are driving on the highway at a normal rate of speed, you should always leave an adequate amount of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you – in the event that they need to apply their brakes for an emergency, you want to be able to avoid a rear-end collision by having enough space between you and the other vehicle. This is even more advisable when you are behind a large tractor-trailer to avoid tailgating. You should always leave a considerable amount of space between you and a truck. Depending on the situation, this space should be as much as 20- 25 car lengths.

    Watch for brake lights — When you are following any vehicle, it is always a good idea to apply your brakes every time you see the car in front of you hit their brakes. More importantly, pay attention to the brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights when you are following a truck.

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    Never cut off a truck — When you are merging lanes, sometimes you may merge a little too close to the driver in that lane; this is never a wise decision because it can lead to an accident. In particular, you should avoid cutting off a large truck because they are often not able to slow their vehicle down in a sufficient amount of time to avoid an accident.

    Don’t get squeezed — When a truck needs to make a turn it requires that they have a much larger turn radius than a standard car, truck, or SUV. When trucks make a wide turn their vehicle may swing into the left lane and “squeeze” other cars into other lanes and or guardrails.

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