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I-78 Pennsylvania Truck Accident Attorney

Interstate 78 runs from Union Township in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania east through Allentown and onward to New York City. This stretch of highway is a vital transportation link for commercial trucks delivering goods throughout Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Unfortunately, because of the congestion of trucks and vehicles, accidents occur.

The injuries suffered in a truck accident in Pennsylvania are often catastrophic. The size, weight, and speed trucks travel along the roadways can result in devastating collisions, involving multiple vehicles. If you were injured along interstate 78, contact out I-78 Pennsylvania truck accident attorney. Call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 246-9000 to schedule a free appointment to review your case.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents on I-78 in Pennsylvania

In most cases, truck accidents in Pennsylvania are caused by driver error. This includes the driver operating the commercial vehicle and other motorists on the highway. Unfortunately, many of these accidents were preventable. Some of the common causes of truck accidents are listed below.

Driver Exhaustion or Fatigue

Driving a truck is a stressful occupation. It is not uncommon for a trucking company to require its drivers to complete their deliveries in a short amount of time. Often, it is impossible to meet the expectations without driving for long distances without proper rest or sleep. A lack of sleep could comprise a truck driver’s mental capacity, causing them to lose concentration and slow their physical reflexes. Driving exhausted or fatigued is dangerous and leads to truck accidents throughout Pennsylvania.

Driving Distracted

One of the major causes of commercial vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania is a driver that is distracted and not paying attention to the highway. Any activity that draws a truck driver’s attention away from operating his vehicle presents an unreasonable risk to other motorists. Because of the size of the commercial trucks and the large blind spots surrounding the vehicles, any lack of focus endangers all vehicles around a truck. Some typical conduct that results in a loss of focus includes eating, texting, changing radio stations, and reviewing a GPS.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Some truck drivers drink and drive. Drinking will impair their physical and mental capabilities, making operating a large vehicle unreasonable hazardous. However, the use of drugs such as amphetamines is more common to combat tiredness and provide a stimulant for long stretches of uninterrupted driving. While this may keep a driver awake, it decreases their ability to operate their truck safely.

Reckless and Aggressive Driving

To complete a delivery on time, a truck driver might drive at an excessive speed or ignore other traffic regulations. The size and weight of a commercial truck makes it dangerous to drive at certain speeds if the road conditions are not suitable. Additionally, the ability to control a truck is reduced at higher speeds, especially if the driver is required to make a sudden stop or lane change. Smaller cars might be crushed in the wake of a truck that is being driven aggressively. Sometimes accidents occur when someone in another vehicle is forced to make an unsafe maneuver to avoid a truck driver that is driving recklessly. In such a case, our Pennsylvania truck accident attorney will have to piece together the crash to establish fault.

An Unbalanced or Unsecured Load

Trucks are large and require great skill and care to operate safely under normal conditions. The load that a tractor-trailer is hauling could contribute to a truck accident in Pennsylvania. Every shipment on a Pennsylvania truck must adhere to restrictions regarding weight, length, size, and height. If a truck’s load is not balanced correctly or secured, it will make controlling the vehicle much more difficult. If the material is hazardous and not stored appropriately, it could create an explosion or other dangerous condition if the truck is involved in an accident.

Evidence for a Lawsuit After a Truck Accident on I-78 in Pennsylvania

Prevailing in a personal injury lawsuit arising from a truck accident on a Pennsylvania highway requires collecting sufficient evidence to establish your claim. In addition to documenting your injuries and medical treatment, the attorneys and staff at the Reiff Law Firm will work to prepare your case against any liable parties.

To support your personal injury claim and establish negligence and liability, our Pennsylvania attorneys will have to complete numerous tasks. First, we will send a letter to the trucking company or any other defendants demanding they retain any evidence in their possession. Following that, we will gather copies of any incident reports, medical documents, and police accident reports.

In addition to documents, testimony from witnesses could provide crucial information. Our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys will question all eyewitnesses to the accident to help determine what occurred. Additionally, surveillance video from the surrounding businesses might be available. Our ability to collect this video evidence is often related to how quickly you retain our services. Any delay could result in the loss of valuable evidence.

Depending on the complexity of the crash, we might hire an investigator to examine the scene and reconstruct the accident.

Determining the value of your case is also important. Our Pennsylvania truck accident attorneys employ medical professionals to help determine the severity of your injuries to calculate your compensation. Furthermore, we will collect evidence to establish your financial losses, including loss of present and future income.

Call Our Pennsylvania I-78 Truck Accident Attorney for a Free Consultation

People injured in accidents involving commercial trucks are often scarred for life. These large vehicles could result in catastrophic injuries if they collide with smaller cars or motorcycles. For over forty years, the Reiff Law Firms has been dedicated to representing people with serious injuries. If you or a loved one was hurt in a crash involving a commercial vehicle, contact our I-78 Pennsylvania car accident lawyer and truck accident attorney today. To schedule a free consultation to review your legal options, call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 246-9000.