What’s The Average Settlement for a Knee Injury in Pennsylvania?

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    Knee injuries might sound mundane, but they can have long-term consequences for injured victims. In many cases, people’s entire lives are upended by a knee injury, and they deserve a fair settlement.

    Determining the average settlement for a knee injury can be challenging since each case is unique. Generally, the more severe your injury and the greater its impact on your life, the larger your settlement should be. A big influential factor on your potential settlement is your overall damages calculations. Economic, non-economic, and punitive damages should be considered when negotiating a settlement. Factors like pain, the duration of the injury, and the defendant’s behavior during the accident might increase or decrease a potential settlement. Emphasizing the severity of your injury can help you more effectively negotiate a settlement. Our team can take your case to court if the settlement is not good enough.

    Knee injuries can be devastating, and many injured plaintiffs find themselves in great pain, and their lives disrupted. Contact our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys about reaching a settlement or taking the case to a trial. For a free case review, call The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940.

    Possible Settlements in Pennsylvania Knee Injury Cases

    The average settlement for knee injuries in Pennsylvania is complicated, as settlements may greatly differ between cases. Generally, if you experienced a severe knee injury that took a significant financial, physical, and emotional toll on your life, you can likely expect a larger settlement. If you have a severe case, your situation might warrant a trial, and our Bucks County personal injury lawyers can assist you.

    Settlements might range based on the extent of the knee injury. If your knee injury was painful, but you recovered with minimal interference with your normal life, your settlement might not be as large as a settlement for a plaintiff who experienced long-term or permanent complications.

    Although each case is different, many settlements tend to be less than the potential compensation awarded through a trial and jury verdict. In a trial, all your claimed damages are on the table. Settlements are reached through negotiation and compromise, and defendants might agree to pay some but not all of your damages. If that is the case, our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys can argue for greater compensation in a trial.

    Recoverable Damages in Knee Injury Lawsuits in Pennsylvania

    Understanding and accurately calculating your damages might help you determine what kind of settlement your case warrants. Sometimes, if your damages are quite high, it is best to forgo a settlement and argue for the full extent of your damages in court. Our Delaware County personal injury lawyers can help you figure out your damages and the best way to get fair compensation.

    Non-Economic Damages

    Non-economic damages are very subjective and can be worth quite a lot of money. Non-economic damages encompass negative personal experiences you went through because of your knee injury. When injuries are severer, plaintiffs can claim significant physical pain and emotional anguish as part of their damages.

    We must also consider how the accident happened. Suppose your knee injury occurred in a way that was very embarrassing, such as a bad slip and fall accident. In that case, you might claim damages related to humiliation or damage to your reputation.

    Economic Damages

    Economic damages are connected to money. We can tally up these damages by going over bills, receipts, and invoices for expenses you incurred as a direct result of your knee injury. Medical bills are often very expensive, and serious knee injuries tend to come with big hospital bills. For example, surgery, physical therapy, and pain medication can add up to thousands of dollars. In particularly severe injury cases, we can also claim the value of reasonably anticipated future medical bills.

    We rely on our knees for mobility, and people with knee injuries often have a hard time moving and might be unable to return to work. In that case, the plaintiff can claim the wages they miss out on because of their injury. The more work you miss, the greater your damages.

    Factors That Might Increase or Decrease a Knee Injury Settlement in Pennsylvania

    Numerous other factors might increase or decrease the potential settlement in your knee injury case. Identifying these factors and figuring out how they apply to your case will help our Lehigh County personal injury attorneys effectively advocate for the most compensation possible.

    Your knees are important for various aspects of your daily life, including mobility. A serious knee injury might limit or completely eliminate your mobility. Not only is dealing with a disability that affects mobility expensive from a medical standpoint, but it also affects a person mentally and emotionally.

    If you can no longer walk, you have to come to terms with learning to live your life differently. You might also have to give up hobbies or activities you once loved because you can no longer move around like you used to. Such losses cannot always be measured in money but still deserve consideration when our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys negotiate a settlement.

    In severe cases, such as plaintiffs whose knee injuries permanently limit or eliminate mobility, a trial might be warranted instead of a settlement. A strong case stands a better chance of getting more compensation through a trial and verdict over a settlement which could be reduced through compromise.

    We also need to consider the defendant’s behavior in all this. Even if the consequences of your knee injury are not long-lasting or life-altering, the defendant might have acted with malice or cold indifference. Such qualities tend to upset jurors, who might want to punish the defendant by awarding you greater compensation.

    Call Our Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers for Help

    A knee injury could disrupt your life in numerous ways for a very long time. As such, our Montgomery County personal injury lawyers can help you negotiate the best possible settlement or go to trial if your case is severe. For a free case review, call The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940.

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