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Interstate 99 New York Truck Accident Attorney

Interstate 99 is located in southern New York. Running for 85 miles it connects to many major roads including:

  • I-70 / I-76 / Penna Turnpike / US 220 near Bedford
  • PA 56 near Cessna
  • US 22 near Altoona
  • PA 453 in Tyrone
  • PA 350 near Bald Eagle
  • US 322 near State College
  • PA 26 near Pleasant Gap
  • US 220 in Bellefonte

This road passes through Altoona and State College. Starting north of Lawrenceville Pennsylvania this is a four-lane freeway through Steuben County and the town of Lindley. Accidents are common on this road despite it cutting through some rural areas. In particular, areas around State College are known to be the site of accidents as truck drivers rush in and out of the area delivering cargo and freight.

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What Factors Contribute to Truck Accidents on Interstate 99?

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The problem with most truck accidents is that not only are there multiple reasons behind an accident, but there are also multiple people who may be held legally responsible for the accident. This can make dealing with a truck accident a bureaucratic nightmare. Determining who is liable or at fault for an accident generally requires a thorough review of the scene as well as a detailed inspection.  Another problem that can plague those who have been in an accident is trying to determine who is at fault for the accident because most accidents are caused by more than one factor including:

Driving errors – Driver errors lead to a disproportionate amount of accidents on the road. Drivers who do not engage in safe driving practices or who engage in altogether reckless driving behavior can cause an accident.

Human errors – In addition to driving errors, many commercial vehicle drivers have committed an error even before they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Human errors that can lead to an accident include not getting the proper amount of sleep, or not having the proper training. Furthermore, there have been too many reports of commercial vehicle drivers driving while they are under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

Environmental issues – Driving when the weather is less than perfect can be very dangerous even for the most experienced drivers on the road. However, there may be other environmental factors that affect truck drivers such as poor road maintenance, inadequately marked traffic patterns, and road construction that can also contribute environmental hazards leading to a truck accident.  Road maintenance, poor highway design, and failure to upkeep signage and other safety-related structures could lead to a commercial vehicle accident. In these cases, a government agency may also be liable.

Mechanical failures or defects – Truck drivers and trucking companies are expected to keep their vehicles properly maintained and conduct regular inspections. However, there are often reports that trucks have defective braking systems, their tires are overworn and underinflated, and hitches are not properly maintained or inspected. A mechanical failure that leads to an accident can present a whole host of problems and concerns for other drivers on the road, not only can they lead to accidents, but they can also pose liability issues and can make it harder to determine who is to blame for an accident.

Who is Liable for a Truck Accident on Interstate 99?

Not only are the events the lead up to an accident complex, but it can sometimes be very difficult for a driver to determine who is to blame. Is it the driver of the vehicle, or is it the trucking company who forced them to drive an unsafe vehicle, or alternatively forced them to drive well past the hours of service regulations?  Not only will an experienced personal injury lawyer engage in a thorough review of why the accident happened, but they will also engage in a detailed review of all the parties who may be held liable for an accident including:

The vehicle owner – In most accidents, it is easy to assume that the driver themselves is liable for an accident, while this may be true, the owner of the commercial vehicle may also be held liable for an accident when their actions directly contribute to the accident.

The freight owner – Loading cargo in the back of a truck is not as easy as you might think, those who load cargo are expected to follow strict guidelines and regulations as how to secure cargo, what cargo can go in what trailer, how much cargo can go in any given container, and how much the cargo weighs. However, all too often cargo is not loaded properly in the back of a trailer which can shift during transport often resulting in the trailer swinging wildly out of control. When these facts are present, the owner of the freight can be held liable for an accident.

The employer – Trucking companies and employers can be held liable for accidents that are caused by their employees during the course of their employment. Furthermore, employers and trucking companies may be held liable for an accident that was caused by a mechanical defect or failure that was not the driver’s sole responsibility to check and maintain.

Vehicle or equipment manufacturers – Even if the trucking company and the truck driver have engaged in their own substantial inspection of the vehicle, a mechanical failure such as a gear malfunction or lever failure that can be attributed to the vehicle manufacturer and or supplier, can add a new party and potentially liable person.

At the Reiff Law Firm’s the Truck Accident Team, our attorneys have helped many accident victims determine who is liable for their accident and resulting injuries. We are not intimidated by large trucking companies and corporations who try to hide behind investigators.

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