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    Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” may cause health concerns for people who live close to wells or live in areas with high volumes of gas and oil activity. Additionally, fracking can cause serious harm to the workers involved in the industry of unconventional drilling operations. Workers involved in unconventional drilling operations like fracking can be faced with a number of health problems due to long-term exposure to chemicals which can have a variety of effects on their health. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a Pennsylvania fracking accident, you may be able to file a liability claim against those at fault for your injury. You could receive compensation for your medical and hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, and in the event that your injury caused you to lose work or compromised your ability to work, you may be able to recover money for loss of wages and pain and suffering.

    The personal injury attorneys at The Reiff Law Firm have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Our group of lawyers and professional legal staff have years of experience in all areas of law concerning fracking accidents and other work-related injuries, will work tirelessly to pursue the maximum compensation. Contact us online or by calling today at (215) 709-6940 for your free legal consultation.

    Types of Injuries Caused by Fracking

    Fracking, sometimes called “hydrofracking” or “hydrofracturing,” is an abbreviation for hydraulic fracturing. It is done by injecting liquid at high pressure into a subterranean rock formation or borehole to force open existing fissures and extract oil and gas. While this type of drilling has been in use for decades, a combination of cutting-edge technology using advanced hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has been responsible for increasing U.S. natural gas and oil production.

    There are a number of health risks associated with fracking that workers are at a greater risk of being exposed to due to their proximity to fracking operations. The kind of injuries that workers face at fracking sites may include:

    • Respiratory problems
    • Nervous system damage
    • Birth defects and harm to the developing fetus
    • Blood disorders
    • Cancer

    Workers at fracking sites are at risk for respiratory problems like asthma and lung disease due to the levels of pollutants emitted. Silica fracking sand used at fracking sites has been shown to put workers at risk of contracting permanent lung damage. Large amounts of silica sand are transported to fracking sites and in the process of refilling silica sand through sand movers, transfer belts, and other equipment, dusts containing silica may be released into the air where workers can breathe it in and become sick.

    Some workers have also been known to suffer from blood disorders from working at fracking sites. Benzene, a colorless gas which can cause cancer, has also been linked to permanent damage to blood-forming organs. This could lead workers to having their bone marrow harmed and possibly even to anemia if they were overly exposed to the gas.

    Perhaps the most concerning injury that is possible with working at a fracking site is developing cancer. Fracking sites have been shown to have cancer-causing pollutants in the air such as benzene, formaldehyde, diesel particulates and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which are a group of more than 100 different chemicals that are released into the air from burning coal, oil, gasoline and many other materials which can be found at fracking sites.

    Regulations concerning the side effects of fracking are scarce, leaving workers to seek out other means to be protected from a job which is hazardous to their health.

    Filing an Accident Claim for Fracking Injuries in PA

    According to the Penn Environment Research and Policy Center, in Pennsylvania, fracking companies have violated rules and regulations meant to protect the environment and human health on practically a daily basis. Pennsylvania fracking companies average about 1.4 violations per day.

    With that many regulation violations, workers should be aware of their rights. If you have been injured at a fracking site and you believe your employer or another may be at fault you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible. A few of the fracking workplace accidents our lawyers are prepared to evaluate legal actions for include:

    • Burns caused by fracking brine or contact with chemicals
    • Fuel spills
    • Explosions, which may occur because of gas released at a fracking site or other areas of the workplace
    • Health issues due to overexposure to harmful gases or chemicals

    Our Injury Attorneys Can Help if You Were Injured in a Workplace Fracking Accident

    The risks and dangers of working at a fracking job site are not quite as documented as they should be. As a result, workers should seek the help of an experienced lawyer who understands how to litigate cases involving serious work-related accidents. At The Reiff Law Firm, our proven team of Pennsylvania fracking accident lawyers has the knowledge and experience to fight for monetary compensation after tragic incidents involving negligence at fracking job sites.

    Our lawyers have handled an array of personal injury claims involving workplace accidents caused by companies failing to adhere to state or federal regulations. For legal counsel you can trust from an attorney with over 30 years of experience, call The Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940, or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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